Tuesday morning buffet

You know the drill.

  • See ‘ya, Terence Moore. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.
  • You know, this is one badass ride.  I can understand why they’d want tinted windows.
  • No waiver for Richt to attend Chris Burnette’s graduation, evidently because the kid isn’t the class valedictorian.  I’ll never get the NCAA, I swear.
  • The SEC East race is over before it even starts, according to these guys.
  • Rich Brooks doesn’t go for that Twitter crap.
  • Two days ago, the spin was that Stafford won’t succeed in the NFL because he gets too angry.  Yesterday, it’s because he won’t get angry enough.  I’m so confused.
  • College faculty reps may not reach a consensus on a D-1 postseason format, but they know they don’t want ESPN making the kids play into February.
  • Junior responds to B. J. Coleman’s allegations by forcefully saying a bunch of mush.  At least he didn’t blame the kid’s grandmother.


UPDATE: Make sure you read Mr. Hinnen’s spot on obituary for Moore’s column.  Good stuff.



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7 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. NebraskaDawg

    It would have made more since to blame it on his Grandmother. “Kid had a slow spring”, yeah he torched the other QB’s on the roster and was never given the chance to start. Maybe the booster are paying too much for Crompton to sit on the bench. You know like in the NFL with big money contracts.


  2. heytogoober

    “Obviously aliens have swooped in and overtaken his body.” (Worst. Line. Ever!)

    I can tolerate an opinion with which I disagree, but that that tripe he wrote sucked! Good riddance!


  3. The Realist

    1) “… Even if Tebow gets hurt.” I totally disagree with this. While it seems Florida winning the East is pretty likely, lots of things could still happen. Tebow getting hurt would definitely bring Florida back to the pack (engage voodoo doll). Florida has some question marks on offense: They don’t have a proven deep threat with Louis Murphy gone. The offensive line is replacing some starters. The absence of Percy Harvin is being downplayed by way too many people. The quarkbacks can replicate Harvin’s speed, but they won’t be able to replicate his versatility.

    2) I’m an admitted Stafford apologist, but I’m not sure Clay Travis is so far off-base with his assessment. I think the entire Georgia team last year was pretty complacent when it came to losing. I think that’s why so many fans were so upset. It’s one thing to be humiliated by Alabama, Florida, and Tech. But it goes to a whole different level of vitriol when it seems like the team doesn’t care even a tenth as much as you do.

    I know Stafford has the tools to succeed. But the give-a-damn is what turns tools into production and talent into greatness. You can’t measure a player’s g-a-d, but that’s the intangible that you hope you are getting for $40 mil. However, if losing eats you up inside, playing for Detroit will make you insane. So, there has to be a balance.


    • I’m not an admitted Stafford apologist, but in my mind, if Matt had a fault in his nature, is that he was too competitive sometimes. You could tell during last year’s Florida game that he took the weight of the team on his shoulders and forced things, with disastrous results.

      On top of that, look at what he did in the Kentucky and Tech games last year to bring the team back and to keep the team in the game. He didn’t strike me on either occasion as being someone who didn’t care.


      • The Realist

        It’s not that I thought Stafford in particular didn’t care. It’s that I thought nobody on the team cared – excepting Knowshon – starting with Richt, and filtering its way down to the guys on the bench. When players basically admit to quitting at the half against Florida, and nobody is holding their heads down on the flight home, it makes you wonder if anybody there cares when you consider that my coevals were all visibly upset for the next several days. It’s just a game, but showing a little displeasure when things turn out badly goes a long way to convincing people that you are as emotionally invested as they are. When you just shrug off a disappointing outcome like it’s no big deal, it rubs emotionally-invested people the wrong way.


  4. 69Dawg

    Seems the Detroit fans are as crazy as some of the UGA fans. Matt could not win all the games at UGA any more than he will win games for the Lions. Football is a team game and the Lion’s have proven they are the worst team in the NFL. To think that a 21 year old QB can turn them around is nuts, to blame the kid for taking the money is just plain stupid. Maybe he should go out and hire his own OL to protect him, he could afford it.