Somebody needs a hug.

Seriously, how does a fan base get to be this bitter and obsessed about a rival program?


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  1. NebraskaDawg

    Tech is like the nutbag stalker girl that Georgia has never had any interest in. They secretly want to be popular and cool like us but would never admit it so they spend every waking minute trying to beat us down to make themselves feel better. Silly nerds.


  2. dean

    That is truly, truly sad. Stuff like that really makes one appreciate being a dawg.


  3. heytogoober

    Two words:

    Pepper Rodgers.


  4. the two words are:

    Dekalb College…where most of Tech’s 1990 team attended class.

    Every time I think I hate Florida I will go to that Tech board, this is obviously the place to learn about hate.

    From the historical perspective, my daddy, UGA class of 1940, was just as bad about Tech. One of the last conversations I had with him was about how a Tech player tore up Zeir’s knee…on purpose.


  5. Irony: Portraying your biggest (only) rival as scandal prone when you yourself have actually been in trouble with the NCAA more recently. Here’s looking at you O’Leary years.


  6. Who pissed on their motherboards? Tri Guy’s right…they need a long look in the mirror as well as a cold splash of reality.

    Our greatest athlete (Herschel) could run circles around their greatest (Joe “Weed” Hamilton) both on the field and in the classroom.


  7. godawg

    They have some serious insecurity issues and are in immediate dire need of the services of a mental health professional…


  8. I guess that once a decade win all of a sudden makes you the moral majority. No, no, those George O’Leary years with the vacated wins and inelligible players never happened. I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up.


  9. Siskey

    Ruben Houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Irishdawg

    “Every time I think I hate Florida I will go to that Tech board, this is obviously the place to learn about hate.”

    Oh, I hate Tech much worse than Florida (and I hold UF in the same kind of contempt I hold for terrorists and date-rapists). I can at least grudgingly respect UF’s success and the level of hotness among it’s coeds; Tech gets no such considerations.

    The idea that GT’s athletes are all some kind of modern day Greek athlete-philosophers is nothing more than geek myth. Reggie Ball couldn’t spell CAT if you spotted him two letters, nor do any of their players have to pass the MCAT to play for Tech. Assholes.


  11. 81Dog

    a more delusional, unhappy group of people you will not meet anywhere. It’s hilarious to read all the confident statements by these nerds about their “inside knowledge” of the vast wrongdoing by Vince Dooley, Herschel, etc etc.

    It’s amazing to me that the NCAA hasn’t so much as gotten a sniff of any of this stuff over the course of the last 50 years, yet these talented Tech sleuths all know it, can all prove it, and can recount it from memory without effort.

    It’s also amazing to me how easily they overlook stuff like the 3 tries James Forrest took to break 700 on the SAT, or Kenny Anderson, or any of their other “student athletes.” And there’s the Pizza Brawlers, and Reuben Houston, and their NCAA probation, and etc etc etc. But WE’RE the lawless cheaters.

    what a sad, sad excuse for grownups.


  12. AceG8tr

    Hmm. Those tone of those comments is almost identical to what I read on here about UF. Look in the mirror, dawgs.



    • MacAttack

      You must have trouble reading then because I don’t see any of that on here

      Though a UFag fruit not being able to read due to his Community College education (and wanting to seem cool thus picking up UF as his team) isn’t shocking either


      • AceG8tr

        I always get a grin reading your articulate and reasoned responses. My guess is you didn’t actually attend UGA.


  13. bill

    Tech is far from perfect and has had its moments in the past. As much as I loved Cremins and O’Leary, I think both made poor decisions that hurt Tech’s reputation.

    But Dooley was in a class by himself re indiscretions during his tenure. My father was a college coach at many stops during Vince’s years and it was well known in the coaching community that UGA, Oklahoma and Michigan State were the elite when it came to cheating. The only difference between Switzer and Dooley was that Switzer was not a hypocrite.

    That being said, I think UGA and Tech have come light years since those days. I would hope that CMR would not put up with the same stuff that happened in the past under other coaches. And Tech’s academic performance under CPJ has been excellent.


    • 81Dog

      Riiiiiiiiiiiight, Bill. It was so well known that Dooley was elected to leadership positions among college coaches, including enforcement committee type stuff. Sure sounds like the guy wasn’t respected by his peers at all, no doubt because of his “well-known” reputation for cheating.

      I’m sure Bobby Dodd didn’t cheat a lick. Or Bobby Ross. And those 11 academically ineligible players who played FOR YEARS over there? Bah. A mere paperwork glitch.

      One thing I love about Tech people: they never have anything but apocryphal stories about what cheating, lying scum UGA coaches and players are, but that doesn’t stop them from arguing until they’re blue in the face that all THEIR problems are really just simple misunderstandings. Academic fraud at Tech? It’s just paperwork? Guys who needed 2 or 3 tries to crack 700 on the SAT? But they’re really hard working students, and they all pass calculus. Cremins signed guys who were up for sale like Kenny Anderson and Marbury? Nah, they just loved Bobby. Rueben Houston gets busted for setting up a deal to move 100 pounds of pot, but he’s playing games over there. Darrius Swain gets more time in jail in Athens for getting caught driving after he forgot to pay a speeding ticket, but HE’s a “thug.”

      Tell it to someone who cares. Tech is as dirty as any school around, perhaps dirtier. The difference is Tech people are bigger hypocrites than anyone else’s fans. Clear the beam out of your own eyes before you start complaing about the speck in ours.


  14. rwrjr

    I wonder what Sammy Drummer is up to these days. Still pushing a mop and broom at Ball State?

    And what about Tyrone Sorrells, who flunked out of remedial studies at UGA and transferred to Tech. He made the Dean’s List at Tech. At least that’s what Bill Curry said on his TV show.

    Tech is full of hypocrisy.


  15. bill

    Did you not read my post? Any Tech fan that thinks Tech is lilly white is delusional.

    But just because Tech has had its own issues in the past doesn’t remove the memory of UGA Football (under Dooley) from being the poster child for “lack of institutional control.”


  16. BigOldDawg

    Mr. Bill,

    Please post the probations which must have resulted from Dooley’s “lack of institutional control”. The NCAA usually takes a pretty dim view of this so one would assume there would be sanctions involved.

    I am sure you are right, but I can’t seem to find any documentation.

    Thanks for your time.


  17. bill

    Two words … Jan Kemp. And $2.58 million other reasons that she was awarded by a judge.

    And another one for good measure … January 1985 NCAA probation. I think Vince was still there wasn’t he?

    Don’t ask the question if you really don’t want the answer.


    • 81Dog

      if memory serves me, the 1985 probation involved an illegally given t-shirt to George Smith of Coffee County, who didnt even enroll at UGA, and a ride given to a prospect (as opposed to a car). Both violations were committed by assistant coaches, not by Vince Dooley.

      Yeah. Vince was practically John Gotti alright.

      As for Jan Kemp, it’s hilarious to me that she’s practically a deity to Tech fans more than 25 years later, but Carol Moore, the Tech administrator who blew the whistle on Tech’s academic fraud (grade changes, students with insufficient academic progress being cleared to play, etc)


      • 81Dog

        (oops. Hit enter too soon)

        and whose whistleblowing directly resulted in Tech receiving a well deserved NCAA probation? She’s a pariah. The Jan Kemp episode is not anything anyone is proud of at UGA, but not a single NCAA rule was broken in the handling of the developmental studies program, and no NCAA penalties were assessed as a result of it.

        This is just another example of sloppy research by a Tech blowhard who thinks his engineering degree (if, in fact, you have one) renders him some kind of superior life form. Good at math? Good for you. Maybe you should have taken some logic, research and writing classes, Bill.

        George O’Leary is a proven liar and cheater who fronted cash to his players. But you all loved his tough talk, and dismissed the “loan” as love for his guys. Bobby Ross was suspended at Maryland for assaulting an official on the way off the field, and he turned a blind eye to the Pizza Brawlers, but he’s a gentleman and a scholar who won your Scripps Howard NC. People like you, Bill, are why most reasonable people think Tech fans are pious hypocrites with a paranoid delusional streak.

        Good day, sir.