It is better to have hobnailed and won, then never to have hobnailed at all.

Welcome home, Verron Haynes.

I heard him interviewed on one of the local sports radio shows yesterday afternoon and it was fun to hear him talk about how life has blessed him.  After all, he’s a guy who started a handful of games in college, none in the pros, yet claims a Super Bowl ring and a starring role in one of the iconic moments of the Georgia football program.

Not too shabby in my book.



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7 responses to “It is better to have hobnailed and won, then never to have hobnailed at all.

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    I support this post 100%.


  2. digidy dawg

    I remember I was at a friends house where he had just put down a new lighter colored carpet the day before when this play happend I jumped up & accidentally spilled my drink all over it. I really pissed off his wife. Good times.


  3. Derek

    That night was the last time I went to bed with the room spinning. Must have drank all the Jack Daniel’s in Knoxville.

    Listening to that is very bittersweet, though. I still can’t believe we’ll never hear Munson do another game.

    Have they named Scott Howard as permanent replacement or what? I know Larry had said that they should have an open application/open mike process.


  4. Ben

    I was working at Play it Again on Atl. Hwy in Athens the weekend of this game. After that long run by UT, the store basically stopped as we all watched the end of it and Haynes score that TD. The whole store lot its junk as we jumped and screamed and yelled about that one.

    What a moment.


  5. MacAttack

    Maybe one of the worst days of my life

    In my years and years of being a UGA fan, I have only missed one game (by TV or being there)…and it was this game

    My girlfriend wanted to attend the LSU/UF game and I told her I would so I missed this one

    I know, a total disgrace

    Never again