Thursday morning buffet

Caffeine… I need caffeine.

  • We love football in the South, example #43296:  “The average spring game attendance in the SEC was 37,936. Georgia drew 42,458, one of five schools that set spring game records.”
  • Jamar Hornsby remains in legal limbo and Houston Nutt doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • Ah, hell. (h/t MGoBlog)
  • If this turns out to be a reasonable approximation of where the preseason polls start every school out, it looks like Georgia will have an immediate chance to move up in the polls pretty dramatically this year.
  • John Swofford may get a chance to go mano a mano with Joe Barton.  Given that Barton thinks he won this exchange, if I were Swofford, I’d be prepared for the “where did football come from?” question.
  • For a group of people who are supposed to be educated and wise, university administrators sure sound dumb sometimes.


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6 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. The Realist

    Fanhouse has lept right over the shark. Show me one person who sees Mariotti and Moore and thinks, “Gee, that’s good reading,” and I’ll show you Jay Mariotti or Terrence Moore.

    Georgia at 15 is about right, if not too high. Virginia Tech at 5 is a bit of a stretch. Of course, that gives Alabama a shot to jump to the top 5 in the first week. Texas Tech @ 23 is questionable, as they’ll have to fight to be the fourth best team in the South (and they are replacing a ton of talent). Notre Dame ranked? There’s a shocker.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Everybody get ready for a day of College Football in the U.S. Congress:

    If Swofford can speak slowly and drag out his testimony long enough, Texas may have seceded from the United States by then.

    Texas Governor Perry expected to put Rep. Barton in charge of Texas Rangers attacking Alaska to get Palin to give back oil that drifted from Texas to Alaska using Energy Secretary Chu as expert witness on drifting.

    Chu confused once again and says that only Japanese cars are made for drifting. Mexico expected to climb over or go around the new high wall on the border and intervene on grounds that Texas was stolen from them.


    • heytogoober

      Why not just quarantine Texas because of the flu and “forget” to let them out?


      • Dog in Fla

        Excellent point and not a bad idea!

        Gov. Perry would probably then accept bailout money check, cash it under a reservation of state’s rights, mobilize militia and exterminate pigs. Perry left to wonder, if that border wall is so good, how could the Mexican pigs breach it to invade Texas?

        Wearing face mask, Mack Brown concerned about how swine flu pandemic affects the ratings of his 2010 recruiting class. If a 5 star goes down and you replace him with a 3 star do the recruiting services give Texas a median 4 star rating for that particular recruit’s spot?


  3. If Joe Barton is the sharpest intellectual knife that the pro-playoff side has in its legislative arsenal, we’re going to be stuck with the BCS for a long, loooong time.


  4. MacAttack

    I see so many of us thinking it is a given that we will beat OSU and kind of sit there shocked.

    Do I think we can win? Of course but how could anyone feel GOOD about the game when our DE’s are HUGE question marks? Without that, we won’t beat OSU as unlike last time, they have a QB who can hit deep passes with consistency unlike Reid in ’07.