Kiffin watch: where is the love?

If you think I’m harsh on Junior, you don’t know what harsh is.

Now this is harsh:

… it is hard for us to understand where Lane Kiffin learned to be such a brat. He certainly didn’t learn these shenanigans from Pete Carroll, because Pete Carroll did not come into the Pac-10 and start demeaning other coaches and accusing them of cheating and it is just very damn hard for us to understand what Lane believes he has accomplished that he is “entitled” to pop-off with all of these outrageous statements since he got to Knoxville. Maybe the key word in “entitled,” because by any measure Lane Kiffin is the head coach of Tennessee for one reason and one reason only, because his last name is Kiffin. There were at least 50, maybe 100 assistant and head coaches that were more qualified for the Tennessee job than Kiffin last fall and it defies belief that Kiffin even got onto Tennessee’s possible hire list, forget about the young man actually getting hired. We chalk Lane Kiffin’s popping off since he got to Tennessee up to foolishness, immaturity, even stupidity, because we cannot think of even one college head coach that had done so little in his life, and that would be out in the public spouting such horseshit...

There’s also something in there about a tuna – the fish, not Bill Parcells – being able to outcoach the Laner, but you probably want to read the whole thing for yourselves. Like I said, I’m sweetness and light by comparison.



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11 responses to “Kiffin watch: where is the love?

  1. NebraskaDawg

    That pretty much sums it up.


  2. SLH

    can you post any more about Lane Kiffin? 3/4 of your material is on this guy – let it go. Who gives a sh*t?

    Weak sauce bro.


    • To each his own, my man. Actually, this was as much about linking to one of Joe’s rants – he’s had some over the top ones about the BCS as well that I’ve gotten a kick out of – as it was Junior.

      If you don’t like hearing about Kiffin, pick another post. It’s not like I hide what a post is about here.


    • Dog in Fla

      Even Lane Kiffin gives a sh!t and likes this stuff.


  3. Bulldog Bry

    I think more than anything, I enjoy watching the reactions of UT fans when others talk about Kiffin’s……..shenanigans. I understand getting butt-hurt when someone questions your coach, but pay attention to their body language when they say things like, “he’s brought the swagger back”, and “it sure was a ballsy hire”. I’m not sure any of them really believe what they say – that’s what their body language tells me. I’ve only had one admit to me, “I wish he would shut up and coach”.
    To which I say, “Amen, brotha”.


  4. SouthKnoxvillian

    Yeah, that other site put together one hell of a good ranking. Out of 22 coaches, Kiffin, who just recruited a top 10 class in 6 weeks, was at the bottom.


    • If recruiting were all it took to be a great coach, the Zooker would still be in Gainesville.


      • SouthKnoxvillian

        Obviously it takes more than recruiting to be a “great coach” as you put it. To say he is dead last in that group of 22 head coach hires is wrong on so many levels.


  5. Macallanlover

    It is more funny to watch the UT fans make fools of themselves by defending the biggest boob that has been hired in the SEC than to see Kiffen self-destruct. Junior can deal with being ridiculed, he has faced that already on national TV, but watching SEC fans make excuses for such behavior is a new low….and danged entertaining for an off season. Cannot blame all the sites and blogs feeding off this. If UT fans want to see it quiet down they should either admit the mistake, or gag him.

    Unlike that site, I can’t say Baby Kiffin was the worst new hire nationally because I don’t know all the coaches involved, but it is easy to say he was the worst of the three in the SEC…..and it isn’t close. It is one thing to make a mistake in hiring a coach, we have all done that, but this guy is more embarrassing than Mike Price. At least Price only acted stupid a couple of times. It takes special talent to make Al Davis look intelligent these days.


    • Dog in Fla

      Right. Who among us hasn’t gotten a little carried away with strippers every now and then like Mike Price?

      After all, there’s nothing else to do at night in Pensacola after a recruiting trip when you want to party.

      A tip of the hat to the U.S. Navy because, without them, there wouldn’t be as many great seedy strip joints in Pensacola as there are.

      A tip of the hat to Lane because, without him, Al would still look insane.


  6. Macallanlover

    Not sure if this is the right southern governor or not, but it is a truism for most men that “you can bait a trap with *&@%*#(poon tang) and catch Old Huey everytime”.

    Now Junior’s numerous indiscretions are more difficult for the average Southern male to rationalize (unless you are breathing the thin air on Old Rocky Top.)