When they tell you it’s not about the money…

it’s about the money.

The other shoe should start dropping today.

… In an interview before the hearing, Barton called the BCS system “more about cartels and revenue sharing” than athletic performance. “It’s big money,” Barton said. “We’re going to start looking into where the money goes.”

Oh, he knows where it goes.  He’s just looking to redirect things a bit.

More to come, no doubt.


UPDATE: Teh stupid commences.

Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas said Friday that efforts to tinker with the BCS are bound to fail. He told a House hearing that the BCS is like communism and can’t be fixed.

Bad analogy, Joe. You’re the one who wants to share the wealth. The BCS guys are the capitalistic greedheads, dude.


UPDATE #2: Doc Saturday provides a breakdown on the hearings, which mercifully only lasted two hours.  It’s about what you’d expect – equal parts threats, whining, denial, bullshit, etc.  Another great moment in American history, in other words.


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8 responses to “When they tell you it’s not about the money…

  1. Dog in Fla

    Somewhere in the bowels of Congress, D.C. –

    Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), bourgeois butthole, and ranking minority member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Trade and Consumer Confidence Subcommittee pulls off rare trifecta.

    Barton masterfully used the word ‘communist,’ the phrase ‘there is no cure,’ and the initials ‘BS,’ in the same hearing, winning admiration from well-seasoned professional hack demagogues on both sides of the aisle.

    It shall heretofore be deemed to be a great day in American politics as the federal government gestapo seeks to bail out college football to protect it from itself, the NCAA Nazis and the BCS SS.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the tunnels of Pakistan, while watching ESPNewsHD and CSPAN on his two big screens, Osama bin Laden lights a Lucky Strike, pops the top on a Bud and knows that his work in America is almost done.


  2. Prov

    At least the economy is doing so well. Otherwise they wouldn’t have time for this sort of thing.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Not to be political but is this all the Republicans have to worry about. Obama is steamrolling liberal legislation and they are worried about college football. Our entire federal government is composed of idiots.


  4. The Realist

    1) The fact that Joe Barton can claim the “Rep.” in front of his name shows you that the results of voting do not always end up with ideal results.

    2) College football crowns a real national champion… just not in the FBS. D1-A has never crowned a real national champion. The FBS national champion has always been determined by votes accumulated in polls. In modern history, two polls have outlasted the others, due to a factor of credibility, access, or money, and they are the coaches’ poll and the writers’ poll. Currently, the AP can select whomever it chooses. The coaches’ poll selects the winner of a game determined by a number of factors, including computer rankings which are programmed to take strength of schedule into account and to eliminate some eye-test biases. Since neither poll has a requirement that the champion or even the teams that play for the BCS title be champions of a BCS conference, MWC and Sun Belt teams have an equal shot. It’s disappointing when your team goes undefeated and doesn’t get selected, but the polls are what they are. Obviously the writers of the AP determined that Florida was better than you. The polls are designed to determine who is better, they determine the will of the people, which is decidedly not communist.

    Not only has FBS football grown substantially under this system, it is among the most popular sports in all of the country. If, as a team, you would rather participate in a playoff, then feel free to join the FCS. The NCAA would accept you with open arms. If as a fan, you would rather have a playoff, either don’t watch the bowls, or tune in to the FCS playoff like March Madness. ESPN will welcome you with open arms. Either way, leave this sport alone.

    3) Once we’ve gotten the bogus national title discussion out of the way, we get down to the real issue: money. The sole reason a team is in the FBS is money. If it were about the purity of competition, academics, or the game itself, teams would prefer being a member of the FCS. There, teams can play a 10-game schedule, participate in a 16-team playoff (woo!), and not have the hassle of television timeouts.

    If the real argument is about money, then shouldn’t we allow the marketplace to determine who gets the lion’s share of the revenue? The bowl system is perfectly capitalist in this respect. The SEC gets prime bowl game slots because their fans will go and spend wherever their team lands. The ACC, not so much (How’s the Emerald Nuts Bowl treating you?). These bowls determine their participants based on the team that will generate the most revenue for them. If your bowl alliances suck, it’s because the teams in your conference don’t have enough of a following to generate sufficient revenue. To combat this, your fans should travel in hordes and spend your life savings every year. Then, the bowls will take notice and leap at the opportunity to have you. As it is, your brand of football does not generate enough fan interest to warrant a full cut of the money. Just like my qualifications and contributions to the company do not warrant me making a CEO’s $5 mil salary. If Congress intervened to make sure me and the CEO made the same amount of money regardless of what each of us brought to the table… well, that would be communism, no?

    4) Joe Barton is an idiot. Congress should stop while they are waaay behind.


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