Another shameless pitch

Here’s another article pointing out that there’s something amiss with the Coaches Poll:

… If you are the American Football Coaches Association, you explore ways to make the coaches poll more credible.

Congrats to the AFCA for being willing to look at itself in the mirror or, better yet, have someone look for warts.

The AFCA hired Gallup to conduct a thorough examination of the coaches poll. The goal is to assure the poll will provide the greatest possible accuracy and reliability in weekly rankings.

AFCA executive director Grant Teaff will present results of the three-month review — and Gallup’s recommendations — to the AFCA Board of Trustees next week. Any changes to the voting process will be made public later this month after consultations with poll media partner USA Today and BCS officials.

The coaches poll has been around since 1950, but Teaff said no one has ever taken a step back and looked at every aspect of it. You could say the poll is in the shop for repairs, but that implies it is broken.

“The reason for evaluation is not because it is broken. It has been very successful through all of these years,” Teaff said. “The reason for evaluation is to make it better.”

Hey, Gallup – over here!

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