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Does Matt Stafford owe Adam Krohn money?

Krohn’s sure got a burr up his butt about Staff’s contract.


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Touch the hem of his garment.

It looks like A.J. Green will share the cover of Athlon’s 2009 College Football Preview mag with the GPOOE™.

In the comments, feel free to share your ideas of how A.J.’s life will be enriched by this.


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Factoid of the day

In an otherwise premature and worthless assessment of which schools will play in the next BCS games, CFN throws out this little tidbit:

How many times has Ohio State been to the Rose Bowl under Jim Tressel? Zero. The Buckeyes haven’t been in Pasadena since the thrilling 1997 Rose Bowl win over Arizona State…


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Who was the previous one?

Apparently this title is being presented without a trace of snark.  Go figure.


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