Does Matt Stafford owe Adam Krohn money?

Krohn’s sure got a burr up his butt about Staff’s contract.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    Dalton’s closer to Knoxville than Athens. Maybe Lane has co-opted Krohn and given him the duty of trying to agitate Mark about something because Lane hasn’t been able to do it yet.

  2. Who peed in this guy’s Cheerios?

  3. Left to Right

    His columns lack professionalism and I am surprised his editors aren’t reigning him in a bit, if for no other reason than to maintain access to the UGA sports department. If I edited the paper’s sports section, I would be particularly concerned about the interaction with CMR he describes at the end of his column. P—— off coaches with juvenile questions does not put one on the road to success.

  4. dnndawg

    There are a lot of Vol fans here in Dalton. Probably not as many as ten years ago.

    Not only is this guy a joke but, our entire newspaper is the same junk. We call it the Daily Disappointment instead of the Daily Citizen.

  5. Will Q

    As I said on David Hale’s blog: Now everyone can see why I get my news from the Internet rather than my hometown paper. You should read the semi-regular local wrestling column; it’s a scorcher!

  6. Doc

    What his misses out on is the fact that if the Lions didn’t he was worth 41 million they wouldn’t have paid him. Typical wealth envy. I am actually surprised Richt replied back to him. I don’t consider what Stafford said to be an outburst, I think this putz is flat out exaggerating. You know the trick where if you tell a lie long enough, everyone will eventually believe it.

  7. NRBQ

    Mama always said, “Rise above…”

    Still, it’s hard not to fire off a comment noting what a pathetically small person this Tech fan is.

    Didn’t he write a piece earlier on how Stafford would never be picked #1?

  8. JasonC

    You can tell from the tone of the article from the onset that he was merely trying to be antagonistic and not really offer any valuable insight.

    I think it was the Senator who offered a rebuttle a few months ago to those who bash Stafford for blowing big games by citing his performance in big wins. It goes both ways.

  9. 81Dog

    Funny how this dolt seems to think the only “big games” Matthew Stafford played in are the ones UGA lost.

    Was beating Florida in 2007 a big game? What about any of the 3 wins he led UGA to over Auburn? AU was ranked top 5 his freshman year, and it was a road game. AU was ranked again his sophomore year, and UGA crushed them in the second half for an easy win. Was the Georgia Tech game in 2006 a big game? Wasn’t Tech favored in that one? Weren’t they champs of their division in the ACC? Did he not play well enough to help UGA win? What about the comeback win over VaTech in the Peach Bowl his freshman year, or the crushing blowout of media darling Hawaii, or even the bowl win over Michigan State? UGA trounced trendy pick Oklahoma State in 07.

    No, the only way to define big games, if you’re a pitiful scribe from the Terence Moore School of Annoying People So They’ll Read Your Pitiful Excuse of a Column, is if UGA loses.

    What a chump. I regret the wasting the 45 seconds of my life it took for me to read this jewel. That’s 3/4 of a minute I’ll never get back.

  10. Ben

    I think he’s hilarious, actually. Hopefully his disdain extends to all of UGA Athletics, not just Matt Stafford. That way he can crank out his “columns” all summer and fall for our entertainment. If he’s getting paid for this, he deserves some sort of medal.

  11. NorthGa Dawg

    He actually went to Tech I am told, could explain his lack of jouralistic ability, as well as his luck with the ladies…maybe if the Daily Citizens starts a binary edition…

  12. DawgBiscuit

    Sorry Krohn, Stafford can’t hear you way up there on top of that mountain of cash he’s sitting on.

  13. MacAttack

    If people think this is bad, read his previous article going after Richt/Stafford

  14. Dog in TN

    Typical journalism in this era. Find all the bad and pound it out there. Say nothing positive, and be envious. Build on that envy to bring your subject down.

  15. BigOldDawg

    14 comments, now 15, we just won’t learn, will we?

    When you respond, you produce the result Krohn wanted.

  16. digidy dawg

    If I were a Techie I’d be angry too. Just think how he feels. Have some compashion people. If I knew my college team will always play second fiddle in my own state every year it would be very agrivating. Who really wants to talk about Tech? It seems obviouse this guy doesn’t. I sence alot of agression. His article must be a part of his therapy. I bet his mom is glad he didn’t tear up the basement again last November after the UGA game like the previouse seven years, & that he’s finally talked to a girl this year. Real progress.

    • Seriously

      Dude, you really need to work on your spelling or else you will (continue to) embarass your fellow UGA fans here.

      For what it’s worth, I think this is the greatest number of comments I’ve seen on any single thread on this blog that didn’t have a nasty comment about Tebow. It’s funny how someone can be a fine Christian and a fine athlete and inspire so much hatred. Personally, I think that’s a reflection on the haters, not the Christian-athlete.

      • For what it’s worth, I think this is the greatest number of comments I’ve seen on any single thread on this blog that didn’t have a nasty comment about Tebow.

        For what it’s worth, not even close.

        • Seriously

          …greatest number of comments I’ve seen

          Bluto, I’m flattered that you follow my readings so closely, but your’re wrong. This is the most I’ve seen.

          • Since we’re picking nits here, go back and count the number of posts on the “About Me” comment thread you contributed to. There’s nary a mention of Tebow there.

            Unless you’re going to say you don’t see the threads in which you comment, I think that counts.😉

            • Seriously

              You caught me there, pal. There was also the thread where you and many others took a break from Tebow-trashing to malign Paul Johnson’s offense. Now that we’ve passed a 45-42 offensive explosion at the dawg’s expense, would you care to revisit that subject?

              • digidy dawg

                Seriously, one out of eight isn’t that bad. Seriously. Is my spelling O.K now. Seriously.

                • Seriously

                  one out of eight isn’t that bad

                  Actually, PJ’s offense is now 1-0 against the dawgs. It appears your math skills are even worse than your writing capabilities. I’m starting to doubt you ever attended UGA. Athens High, maybe?

              • That’s not exactly what I said. My point was that Tech’s offensive production was inconsistent in 2008. And it looks like Tech’s last two games of the season bore that out.

                I give Johnson a lot of credit for sticking to his guns at halftime in Athens and having faith in his game plan.

                But don’t forget that Tech’s third quarter explosion came against a defense that had performed abysmally in several other games that didn’t involve triple option offenses. So how much of the debacle do we credit to offensive scheme and how much to defensive execution (or lack thereof, to be more precise)? I suspect that Georgia fans and Tech fans have strikingly different answers to that question.

                • digidy dawg

                  Seriously doesn’t have a clue.

                • Seriously

                  Your points are correct (IMO) and well taken. The thread I was referring to is the lengthy one where you noted some sports reporter (I think) who said that PJ’s offense would be a good entree for an emerging Division II team. You and your pals here elected to interpret this as saying PJ’s plan is a Division II offense. After all the criticism, it seemed appropriate for me to take a victory lap here – that Division II offense just put 45 points on your team! 🙂

                  It was a strange game and despite the preseason rankings, I’m not making any predictions for a GT victory in this year’s game. LSU demonstrated how to successfully defend GT’s offense and I expect the quality of GT’s defense to fall quite a bit this year.

                  Meanwhile, my expectations for UGA are a bit stronger. You took a hit with the loss of Stafford and Moreno, but this may be a case of “addition by subtraction”. Cox looks like a solid QB who will likely make fewer mistakes than Stafford did. Samuels looks strong (obviously, he’s no Moreno, but I’d love to have him playing for the Gators this fall). In total, I’m expecting the dawgs to play with more team cohesion in 2009 than they exhibited in 2008.

                • Seriously

                  Oh, and diggidy has gay fantasies about his football buddies. Word to the wise – watch your “back door” guys.

      • HackerDog

        It’s actually a reflection on the media coverage. Comments that are negative about Tebow personally or either non-existent or extremely rare. Negative comments on his athletic abilities usually focus on his NFL prospects. Nobody can argue that he’s not an excellent college QB.

        The posts you describe are reactions to the “simply meeting Tebow makes you a better man” gushing that the media regularly churns out. Ridiculing hyperbole like that is no reflection on Tebow at all.

        • Dog in Fla

          Ridiculing Tim Tebow hyperbole is not an option. It’s a duty. Seriously.

        • Seriously

          I half agree with you. The man-love Tebow gets from the media is nauseating and I’ll assert that handicapping Tebow’s NFL potential is fair game regardless of the media fellate-fest he receives. However, that is not the limit of remarks I’ve read here. There certainly is a lot of circumcision humor (amongst other things) aimed at Tebow and that has nothing to do with the media coverage he has received.

          • There certainly is a lot of circumcision humor (amongst other things) aimed at Tebow and that has nothing to do with the media coverage he has received.

            You must have missed the reverent tone in Chris Fowler’s delivery when he told the nation about Tebow’s surgical career during the broadcast of the Gators’ 2008 spring game.

            • Seriously

              No, I didn’t miss that one. Personally, I don’t put that particular story in the same nauseating category with the “know Tebow and you’re a better person” garbage. It may actually be true. There are a number of people I can personally say that about (e.g. my wife has made me a better person, my father too), but I wouldn’t call that sports coverage.

              Besides, I’ve read plenty of negative crap about Tebow here, even excluding the circumcision crapola.

          • Dog in Fla

            You are correct. When the media is the messenger, they’re fair game. Thanks Thom Brennaman. Tebow probably should not be made fun of because of circumcision or anything else that the usual suspects think is ribald.

            When the messenger becomes the media, it’s less clear. As the circumcision tale circulated through the media, it got elevated to be not so much a mighty act on the part of Tim but an unusual weird one. More so than even the Ole Miss speech plaque fable. Congradulation. Go Gator.

            Those of us who have a tendency not to overcome any temptation offered and who cannot resist being blasphemous about Tim doing things that, on first glance, elevate him so much higher than than the muck the rest of us are stuck in, can’t resist throwing a little jab or two his way.

            The good news is that it has the same effect on Tim as the Global War on Lane has on Lane, which is none.

            • Seriously

              Well stated.

              Lane is feeding on the attention. That will end, probably about 5 games into the 2009 season.

      • digidy dawg

        Seriously dude, if I were writing a term paper I’d worry about it. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Pull that giant stick out of your butt.

        • Seriously

          Sorry, pal – just trying to help. If you don’t mind looking like an idiot, it’s cool with me too. Perhaps your fellow UGA alumni would prefer some improvement though. I know I’d be embarassed by your writing if I were a UGA alumnus.

          Thanks for the suggestion – the giant stick has been successfully extracted.

  17. bill

    Someone get Digidy into RIF fast … or UGA Developmental Studies.

  18. Bobby Cox

    The location of the paper screams that this writer is a Vol fan, but the substance just reeks of a Georgia Tech fan. Shots at UGA laced with such a degree of bitterness and insecurity are typically reserved for our friends on North Avenue. The quality of writing also strongly suggests a trade school graduate.

    • mdr

      Definitely a Teck man. Vols don’t have nearly the level of bitterness towards us that the bugs do. Can’t blame the guy though. If my job was writing for the Dalton paper, I’d be pretty angry too.

  19. I wasn’t aware Tech had a journalism school. I don’t like any of the things he is writing but that has never stopped me from reading someone’s column/blog/comment/whatever. Maybe he worked as Terence Moore’s assistant.

    • Seriously

      I’ll confirm: GT does NOT have a journalism school and I doubt he’s a GT alumnus. I suspect there are a lot of Vols fans living in or near Dalton and he’s just trying to sell papers by maligning UGA, Richt, Stafford, etc.

  20. I am not holding it against him, nor do I blame him. It gets people’s attention and their reaction. Its one of the many avenues to go about it(maybe not the best one). You do what you got to do to pay the rent. He just doesn’t sound any different from some random Tech fan blabbing about Georgia. It’s hard to say Stafford was the reason for the Tech loss when the defense got run all over by the Jackets. Other than the 1 pick, Stafford threw for 405 yards. Not exactly a lack luster or let alone a “choke” performance. He sounds like a Tech fan to me. Tennessee fans seem to have a higher self esteem than this guy.

    • Seriously

      He sounds like a Tech fan to me.

      Ouch – that hurt!

      I must agree with your assessment of the GT/UGA game. Your offense scored 42 points against my beloved bugz, so I wouldn’t blame Stafford. Your defense surrendered 45 points, so the blame probably lies there. Anyone who blamed the QB for a loss like this is putting way too much weight on the shoulders of one player.

      This reporter reminds me a lot of Mike Bianchi at the Orlando “Slantinel”, who regularly trashes the Gators. I suspect he’s just trying to sell papers.

  21. Somebody has to present the opposing view. Course if you happen to have one of these Georgia beat jobs or Florida beat jobs, you have to hang out and talk with the coaches almost everyday. You wouldn’t want to burn a bridge. Bianchi could be one of those “Spurrier Loyalist”.

  22. G.O.B.

    Someone needs to get this guy in a room with CMR for a videotaped interview. I imagine it would be something like the kind of interviews Stephen Colbert gives (“The war in Iraq: great war, or greatest war?”) except without the self-awareness. Which would only make it funnier.

  23. digidy dawg

    Seriously has been waiting for a win for eight years so just let him go. When I said stick I ment giant dildo.

    • Seriously

      Really? That’s what you “ment” (sic)? If you want to watch gay porn that is certainly your right and if you have fantasies about me and dildos I don’t suppose there’s anything I can do to stop you, but you really shouldn’t publish your dildo fantasies on a football fan site. I’m sure there are plenty of other sites more appropriate for you to act out your gay fantasies. Or, perhaps that isn’t really what you “ment” (sic) to write.

      Gee-zus kid. Stay in school and get that high school diploma. Gay and stupid is no way to go through life.

      • digidy dawg

        O.K….gotcha. Must have touched on a hot topic with you. No fantasies here liberace. I didn’t mention most anything that you referred to in your last tangent. Must be a Freudian slip. Can’t help you with that. First step for you is acceptence fancy pants. How’s my spelling now?

        • Seriously

          Dude, I’m not the one writing about you pulling foreign objects from your posterior – that would be you my young, ignorant, gay friend. If you don’t like the label, I’d suggest you avoid the gay imagery in your posts.

          Personally, I could care less whether or not you spell correctly until you begin criticizing me or Georgia Tech – two subjects you obviously know nothing about. Then I will take great pleasure in further revealing what a stupid (gay?) redneck you are.

          • Tom


            Give it up man. Even I’m starting to hear a lisp from reading your pointless comebacks.

            • Seriously

              Hmm… So you “hear” (sic) a “lisp” from what I’ve written, and yet you don’t “hear” (sic) anything from gayboy diggidy posting his dildo fantasies? Seems like your gay-dar is pointed in the wrong direction, Genius.

              Guess that’s one more “pointless comeback” from me, Tom. If you really don’t want to “hear” (sic) more, then don’t respond to me with an insult.

              • Tom

                O.K. Whatever….you win. Now go away.

                • Seriously

                  Excuse me? Do you own wordpress? Do you have any right whatsoever to tell ME what to do, you arrogant ignoramus?

                  Look, Tom, diggidy, whatever fake name you are pretending to use now – I get it. You don’t like me polluting your homer site with opinions that might conflict with your ideals. The only compensation I can offer you is the following two words…

                  Too bad.

  24. digidy dawy

    Gasp! I can’t believe you would talk to someone like that. You sound like you want to “blog fight”. I’m scared. Can’t wait for your latest comment. Let’s hear it…….waiting……..

    • Seriously

      Oh my. You can’t wait to “hear” the next thing I’m going to write, huh? Well, I’m not interested in entering a gunfight with an unarmed man and I have no interest in a blogfight with a borderline illiterate. (Not that I was seeking a blogfight, as you asserted – merely stating that I will not be chased away.)

      Take my advice, young man: stay in school, because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


      • digidy dawg

        You got me. Good one douche bag. I can keep going as long as you can. Whatcha got? Lets keep going old man. You write like you got a limp wrist.

        • Seriously

          Ouch – that REALLY hurt! You’re SO creative! Did it take you all day to dream up that retort? Gosh, I’m so angry that you (i.e. someone I don’t know and couldn’t care less about) thinks I’m gay! Guess I better tell my wife and get a divorce now.

  25. digidy dawg

    Bye the way. I don’t even know what “blog fight” means. Just making stuff up at this point just to keep you going. This is fun. I know why you go by Seriously.

    • Seriously

      I’m sure you don’t know what “blog fight” and a lot of other things mean, pal. You must be one of those redneck townies that lives within a 100 mile radius of Athens, because I know you’re not smart enough to get accepted to UGA.

      “Bye” (sic) the way (my god, you really are stupid), I go by this name because I am rarely, if ever, serious.

      I anxiously await your next witless non sequitur.

      • digidy dawg

        Here it is. Wait no longer. Your insults are really hurting. OUCH! I thought we were “pal’s”.

  26. digidy dawg


  27. Jimbo

    Adam Krohn is an extreme bias Georgia Tech fan. Since most gays in the area attend GT, I am guess that might be why he has strong feelings.

    The Dalton Daily Citizen’s news has become nothing but a TRASH newspaper. Adam Krohn is one of the worst and he really needs to grow up.

    Since DCN will not get rid of Adam Krohn, STOP BUYING THAT PAPER! Ta-da! Problem solved.