Touch the hem of his garment.

It looks like A.J. Green will share the cover of Athlon’s 2009 College Football Preview mag with the GPOOE™.

In the comments, feel free to share your ideas of how A.J.’s life will be enriched by this.


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12 responses to “Touch the hem of his garment.

  1. mj

    No 8 — A.J. Hur


  2. RedCrake

    Unrequested circumcision?


  3. Thom Brennaman at the BCS National Championship Game in Pasadena next year, “By spending one magazine cover with Tim Tebow, AJ Green’s life is much better for it. It’s just unfortunate that only Mr. Green’s team was invited to Pasadena and Mr. Tebow couldn’t make it.” Sigh… A guy can dream, right?


  4. Good thing AJ reports that his groin is finally completely healed. GPOOE may have tried to lay hands….

    Seriously, I just hope we don’t see AJ bawling like a little girl in front of a mic this fall as a result of this cover shoot. On the plus side for gayturds, this clandestine meeting can only improve GPOOE’s much talked about NFL draft prospects.


  5. Dog in Fla

    AJ’s life would have been enriched because they were going to pose AJ and Tebow with Playboy’s Hottest Girls of the SEC.

    However, because of Rep. Barton’s (Collectivist-Texas) threats, the Girls of the MWC now have to be in the photo shoots with Girls of the SEC and they were having some logistical problems getting those girls togther. Barton has Swofford working on it though.

    In any event, Tebow, after conferring with his spiritual advisor and publicist, Thom Brennaman, nixed the spread shot with the Hottest Girls on grounds it would have given Tim a bad moon rising in the area in which he has surgical skills and that, as a Good Samaritan, Tim was concerned about the possibility of AJ reinjuring his groin.


  6. actually they screwed up. that’s not Julio Jones. That’s the 2nd string defensive back who also wears the number 8


  7. AJ Green just can’t catch a break. He actually gets a magazine cover and he’s still only the second best wide receiver on it.


  8. NebraskaDawg

    Keep an eye on your pecker A.J.


  9. digidy dawg

    I’m sure the T-bot 1000 is a great person off the field, but I also wouldn’t mind if some one removed his head from his neck on the field (during the WLOCP would be great), but one day he’s going to be exposed. Nobody is that great of a guy. He’s either going to get caught molesting young gator boy fans wearing his assless jorts, or he is going to “flip out” on campus, & authoraties are gonna find him riding around naked in his car with decapitated heads of dead hookers in the back while wearing nothing but his orange crocks & a dildo strapped to his forehead. Maybe.