Who was the previous one?

Apparently this title is being presented without a trace of snark.  Go figure.


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9 responses to “Who was the previous one?

  1. Lowcountry Dawg

    And the last great South Carolina quarterback was . . . ?


  2. dean

    Right, great QB’s and South Carolina are synonymous.

    Enjoy your time holding the clipboard kid and looking over your shoulder when you do get in the game.

    Poor kid said he grew up a gator fan in South Georgia. Now there’s a misguided youth.


    • digidy dawg

      Flowery Branch or “The Branch” as they like to call it is in N.E. Ga., but whether North or South Ga. he’s still misguided. I don’t even think the “OBC” will still be around by the time this kid graduates. Isn’t South Cackalaki the place coaching careers go to die? It’s kinda like Fla. for old people. If this kid has watched any S.C. football in the last few years he realizes that there is a QB rotation, as in asschewin’. He’s either alot better player than I’ve seen in person, or he’s not that bright.


      • dean

        Whoops. I meant North Georgia. Don’t know how I didn’t catch that. Too early in the morning I guess.


  3. NRBQ

    “Lee, who teaches physical education at Flowery Branch, held both boys back a year when they were younger to help their athletic careers.”

    Wow. Now there’s an educator.


  4. JasonC

    When I first saw the headline “USC’s next great QB”, I honestly thought they were talking about the Trojans. South Carolina never entered my mind. At all.


  5. Savannah Mike

    I miss Stinky


  6. CLT Dawg

    “They came up, shook my hand and said there’s going to be two chances to beat Georgia with a Shaw at quarterback. I said, ‘That’s right.’”

    Doubtful either of them ever start, much less beat us….