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When it rains…

I’m a sucker for gallows humor, and this brief post over at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash made me laugh out loud.


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Why I hate ESPN: reason #2874

Words fail me:

Next week’s College Football Live — a weekday afternoon studio show dedicated to college football aired generally at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN — will feature daily analysis, news, interviews and a special weeklong focus on Notre Dame from May 11-15, including interviews with head coach Charlie Weis and quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

John Saunders (Monday and Tuesday), Kevin Negandhi (Wednesday) and Jonathan Coachman (Thursday and Friday) will host next week’s programs. Analyst Ed Cunningham will work Monday through Wednesday, while Rod Gilmore will provide analysis on Thursday and Friday. Joe Schad will serve as the reporter each day.

The schedule of Notre Dame-specific topics and guests for May 11-15:

Monday, May 11

  • A discussion on what Notre Dame needs to do to return to prominence and a BCS bowl; George Smith’s conversation with Weis and guard Eric Olsen as guest

Tuesday, May 12

  • A breakdown of the offense, an in-depth look at the depth chart and players to watch this season; with assistant coach Corwin Brown as guest

Wednesday, May 13

  • A breakdown of the defense, an in-depth look at the depth chart and players to watch this season; with safety Kyle McCarthy as guest

Thursday, May 14

  • A discussion on impact players who must step up to get Notre Dame back to a BCS bowl; with linebacker Brian Smith as guest

Friday, May 15

  • What to expect this season, and a game-by-game breakdown of the schedule with a season-record prediction; with Jimmy Clausen as guest

Don’t forget to set your DVRs. (h/t Holly @ Doc Saturday)



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Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

There’s something vaguely discomfiting about seeing these two storylines on USA Today’s college football page this morning:

The NCAA didn’t exactly have a strong hand to play in opposing the Delaware legislation.

“From an NCAA perspective, we oppose all kinds of sports wagering,” NCAA spokesman Stacey Osburn said. “Sports wagering is a problem, not a solution (to budget woes) from our perspective.”

The NCAA met with Delaware officials in March, according to Osburn. If the bill becomes law, the NCAA would bar the state’s universities from holding NCAA championships.

Such a ban led Oregon to abandon its sports lottery three years ago, giving the state the ability to play host to NCAA men’s basketball tournament games.

Delaware lacks the facilities to host major Division I postseason contests.

That probably won’t bode well if Montana starts looking for a new source of revenue.


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Just remember to bring your wallet.

Nose bleed seats that cost $50 and $85.  $38 parking.

Welcome, college football fans, to the new Cowboys stadium!

Yeah, those prices suck, but don’t worry, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione’s got your back, guys.  You may be getting screwed, but at least it’s happening in a pretty room.

… However, he added that fans who attend the game are in for a unique experience.

“People will realize once they see this stadium,” Castiglione said, according to the report. “They are not entering a traditional stadium layout. When you see the stadium, you’re going to be blown away.”

Idiots.  They simply think we’re idiots.


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BCS roundup

Relax.  This post won’t be a novella.  It’s just some minor stories worth bringing to your attention:

  • Meet J.C. Watts, BCS lobbyist.  And how ’bout this rhetorical flourish?  “…amid the cloudburst of criticism besotting the BCS each year…” Whoo!  Check out the big brain on Brad!
  • In Pac-10 news, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  • America is a great country, my friends:  Congress may be screwing around, but it’s full speed ahead for Utah AG Mark Shurtleff… especially if he can spend your money doing so.
  • Shurtleff says the suit will cost millions of dollars, and the Department of Justice has the resources to pursue it. He will also ask other states to participate and share the cost.
    But if he has to, Shurtleff says he will sue alone, because in the long run, fairness in college football would mean millions of dollars to Utah teams.

  • Even better, as the Wiz notes, is this:

Shurtleff is being criticized over a fund-raising dinner he held late last month. The dinner, which was posted on the attorney general’s Facebook page, was held in a tower overlooking Utah’s Rice Eccles stadium and cost $300 per person.

The announcement read: “Mark Shurtleff with Speaker Kyle Whittingham to Let you know that we’re not gonna take it! For all you BCS busting DIE-HARDS out there we’re going to be holding a dinner to let you know what we are doing about the blatantly unfair college football championships.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that funds raised at the dinner were for Shurtleff’s recently formed Political Action Committee, P.A.C. for Utah’s Future.

“That money is there to further interest in other campaigns and special projects,” Shurtleff campaign manager Jason Powers told the newspaper.

Shurtleff is considering a run for senator Bob Bennett’s seat in 2010 or for Utah governor in 2012. An announcement could come this month.

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