BCS roundup

Relax.  This post won’t be a novella.  It’s just some minor stories worth bringing to your attention:

  • Meet J.C. Watts, BCS lobbyist.  And how ’bout this rhetorical flourish?  “…amid the cloudburst of criticism besotting the BCS each year…” Whoo!  Check out the big brain on Brad!
  • In Pac-10 news, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  • America is a great country, my friends:  Congress may be screwing around, but it’s full speed ahead for Utah AG Mark Shurtleff… especially if he can spend your money doing so.
  • Shurtleff says the suit will cost millions of dollars, and the Department of Justice has the resources to pursue it. He will also ask other states to participate and share the cost.
    But if he has to, Shurtleff says he will sue alone, because in the long run, fairness in college football would mean millions of dollars to Utah teams.

  • Even better, as the Wiz notes, is this:

Shurtleff is being criticized over a fund-raising dinner he held late last month. The dinner, which was posted on the attorney general’s Facebook page, was held in a tower overlooking Utah’s Rice Eccles stadium and cost $300 per person.

The announcement read: “Mark Shurtleff with Speaker Kyle Whittingham to Let you know that we’re not gonna take it! For all you BCS busting DIE-HARDS out there we’re going to be holding a dinner to let you know what we are doing about the blatantly unfair college football championships.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that funds raised at the dinner were for Shurtleff’s recently formed Political Action Committee, P.A.C. for Utah’s Future.

“That money is there to further interest in other campaigns and special projects,” Shurtleff campaign manager Jason Powers told the newspaper.

Shurtleff is considering a run for senator Bob Bennett’s seat in 2010 or for Utah governor in 2012. An announcement could come this month.

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  1. Dog in Fla

    If Senator Arlen Spector (Looks Out for Own Ass – PA) can raise campaign re-election funds from his Spector for the Cure Cancer website, what’s a little fund raising creativity by and on the part of Utah AG Shurtleff (Collectivist – UT) to prep for for his run for senator or governor? What better way for Shurtleff to raise funds in Utah other than on a We Got to Fight the BCS Man plan? Got to do it before the Utah shellacking of Alabama gets too stale.

    Can’t remember exactly what Scott Cowan, the president of Tulane, my other school, did after the enchanted magical season in which the Greenies were undefeated after an absolutely brutual, brutal I tell you, Conference USA schedule.

    Think Cowan and his lawyers became convinced quicker than a cat could lick its ass that an anti-trust suit re BCS would go nowhere fast. That was the smart move by Tulane. The usual dumb one was in not hiring Rich Rodriquez, a Bowden assistant, who wanted the Tulane head coaching job after Clemson IPTAY made its mistake in hiring Tommy.

    So is it a good fund raising idea by Utah’s Attorney General to threaten to sue to get fairness and get fairness now doggone it for the benefit of the Mormons? Who could expect anything but straight-forwardness and fairness from an Attorney General who aspires to be a U.S. Senator or a governor? We’ll be blown away by it when we see it, and of course, I know we will, just like we would be if we were ever privileged enough to see the layout of the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium.