Just remember to bring your wallet.

Nose bleed seats that cost $50 and $85.  $38 parking.

Welcome, college football fans, to the new Cowboys stadium!

Yeah, those prices suck, but don’t worry, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione’s got your back, guys.  You may be getting screwed, but at least it’s happening in a pretty room.

… However, he added that fans who attend the game are in for a unique experience.

“People will realize once they see this stadium,” Castiglione said, according to the report. “They are not entering a traditional stadium layout. When you see the stadium, you’re going to be blown away.”

Idiots.  They simply think we’re idiots.


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4 responses to “Just remember to bring your wallet.

  1. Mike In Valdosta

    I imagine they will do better than the Yankees did with their new pricing. Just look at it as conditioning for what is to come.

    OUR government will soon have several fees on our entertainment tickets that will look strikingly similar to those on our airfare tickets. The owners and players have been getting soaked with taxes, the fans will soon have to pay their “fair share”.


  2. Nebakanezer

    Dan Snyder laughs at those prices!

    /Redskins fan opens wallet
    //shrugs shoulders


    • digidy dawg

      I bet if you put a down payment on a beer at “spankee” stadium you get a complemetry a$$reeming.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Sounds like Jacksonville.