Mother’s Day buffet

Don’t forget mama today.  And here are some extra items to snack on:

  • “Walker was as close to a one-man team as anyone ever has been or will be.”
  • This is a pretty good snapshot of where the lines of tension in the BCS debate are right now.
  • Speaking of which, both Utah senators up the ante by publishing a letter that seeks to interfere in the upcoming TV contract renewal.
  • In response to the “hypocrisy” decried in this blog post, check out Year2’s analysis of all the factors that would have to be weighed in creating a player pay proposal.  Not as easy as it sounds, eh?
  • Over at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, Jerry gets all David and Goliath with us over Gus Malzahn.  If he’s right, that’s an awful lot of eggs to put in the basket of one coordinator, it seems to me.  And to be honest with you, there’s nothing in Chizik’s background to suggest he’s that good a judge of talent.


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5 responses to “Mother’s Day buffet

  1. BigOldDawg

    While I always enjoy positive comments about Herschel, the “one man team” idea is interesting in light of the fact that all but two or three of the starters on the three teams that went 33-3 while Herschel was at Georgia all started at one time or another in the the NFL business, and all of the starting offensive linemen started in the NFL.

    Oh, and the one pass Buck completed in the Sugar Bowl was for the first down that sealed the game.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    I’m too young to remember Herschel, but the closest thing I’ve seen to a 1-man team was Virginia Tech when Vick was there.


  3. Macallanlover

    While there was unquestionably some talent in and out at UGA during those three years, I have never seen one single player come closer to making football a one-man sport. That was true when measured against O. J., Archie Griffin, Archie Manning, and yes, Tebow. That was especially true in 1980 when he was a freshman.


  4. Macallanlover

    The issue of compensation is very complex. Count me as one who feels athletes in sports that produce positive revenue should receive a stipend (maybe $200 a month) for gas, date money, etc. Darwin’s Law has to prevail here, so it may not be fair to baseball players, tennis players, etc., or to the small schools like Valdosta, or UT-Chattanooga. That may seem harsh, but we don’t have to compete with those schools; we can break the NCAA into different camps if necessary. As for the other sports, to the victor goes the spoils, this isn’t a charity. Make your sport interesting to get the “top pay” beyond tuition, room, and board.

    I just think many of these players come from backgrounds that prohibit them from feeling comfortable in an environment where the vast majority of students they socialize with have expendable dollars. Some work a job in their spare time, so this should be treated as a PT job for the school. We pay other students who receive scholarships when they work at the library, cafeterias, or administrative offices. Why not recognize the time football players give to their “school job”? Based on the hours required, they would still be underpaid. Not doing so leads to (not justifies) some of the actions which leads them into trouble. I don’t think $50 a week is unreasonable for what D1 football players bring in. It’s a tank of gas of gosh sakes! Or maybe a movie and a pizza. I just feel we are being naive if we don’t think we don’t drive some players to skirt the rules….or worse.


  5. DawgBiscuit

    One man teams don’t win championships. Just ask Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Michael Vick, etc.