Sobering thought

In the wake of the suspensions/dismissal, Marc Weiszer hits on the truly scary part of the impact they will have on the team:

Georgia now has just six scholarship receivers available this season, including two incoming freshmen.

Talk about no margin of error.  It’s a virtual certainty that neither of the true freshmen will redshirt – and that’s despite the fact that one of them would seem to be a little on the small side by SEC standards.  Deploying four and five wideout sets becomes difficult to almost impossible.  You can’t risk these kids on special teams.  And we better hope that either Aron White or Orson Charles can thrive at that flex tight end position that now looks to become one of the most important slots on offense.

And that’s all without even worrying about injuries or other suspensions.  Can they put those kids in a bubble?


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8 responses to “Sobering thought

  1. Smitty

    The random drug test strikes again…


  2. dawg 05

    Just looking on the bright side, I would rather be low on wide receivers than low on linemen and linebackers like we were last season. We can play a game with only 2 or 3 receivers taking the majority of snaps. We can’t play a game with only 2 or 3 o linemen taking snaps (see Bama and Fl last year).


    • SuwaneeDawg

      We may also emply Branden Smith at the wideout position which would be the third freshman. I would not be surprised to see him used and would be glad to see his speed on the offensive side of the ball as well.


      • JasonC

        The problem with relying on Smith this year is with his skills, we could probably work him in as a CB this year or in nickel packages, but if he is splitting time with the offense, his learning curve will be larger (or longer).


  3. RedCrake

    Though I hate to lose the guys for those games and I’m disappointed that they may have failed drug tests, at least we do something about it.

    Unlike Florida where they view them as private, personal matters. Hopefully our guys won’t be failing drug tests at the combine…maybe they’ll learn.


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  6. digidy dawg

    I really hate loosing Houston. I thought Figgins had a chance at a good year, but Aaron White has done a good job. I had high hopes for Tony Wilson when he first came to UGA. He was a good blocking WR when he played. As far as all three, Houston is the bigger loss. We have to have a couple of guys step up at DE.