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Eew, too.

You know that a story on college football coaches that includes the line “And yes, we’re judging men’s bodies” is going to be a little on the icky side.

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Tweet Tweet.

Over at Eleven Warriors, Jason asks the musical question what if Twitter had been around in Woody Hayes’ day?

Translating that over to Athens, could you imagine anything more boring than reading Tweets from Dooley about Vandy’s punter?

On the other hand, Twitter was made for Erk Russell.


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“We know they’re there…”

USA Today does the math on current minority coaching hires in college football and doesn’t come  up with any real surprises.

Two interesting observations, though, from New Mexico State head coach DeWayne Walker. While he believes that the path to becoming a head coach is easier in the NFL than in the college ranks

… Walker says NFL teams are “more proactive and more open-minded” about minority head coaches and the hiring process is straightforward — “if the GM and the owner like you, they hire you.” Colleges, he says, have more “political” concerns — “it’s not just the AD and the president at the BCS schools, there are other factors.”

… he also believes that it’s critical for minority head coaching prospects to make their bones on the college level if that’s where they want to wind up coaching.

Nevertheless, he says, coaches “almost have to be in the game from the college standpoint to get a college head coaching position.”


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A “sneaky-tough semi-sleeper”

While it sounds like something Billy Clyde Puckett might utter, that’s actually from CFN’s Pete Fiutak and his 2009 Georgia preview.  Overall, it’s quite positive, as this sentence might indicate,

The pieces are there to pull it off with a tremendous offensive line that could turn out to be the best in America, A.J. Green at receiver, a fantastic rotation at tackle, an athletic and deep linebacking corps, and roughly five running backs who could start for just about anyone…

but Fiutak also points out the potential pitfalls facing the Dawgs this season. And yes, he wrote it after the suspension news appeared.

I think he gets the importance of the Okie State game just right.  But A. J. Green as the fourth best player on the team?  I don’t know about that…


UPDATE: On the other hand, David Hale takes my concerns about the injuries and the lack of depth in the receiving corps, weaves it all together with stats like these –

Take away A.J. Green and Michael Moore and Georgia’s offense this coming season has a career total of 27 receptions… combined!

That’s not just the receiving corps either. That’s everyone on the offense — tailbacks, fullbacks, tight ends and receivers…

and  creates this ginormous bucket of ice water to throw all over Fiutak’s optimism.


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