A “sneaky-tough semi-sleeper”

While it sounds like something Billy Clyde Puckett might utter, that’s actually from CFN’s Pete Fiutak and his 2009 Georgia preview.  Overall, it’s quite positive, as this sentence might indicate,

The pieces are there to pull it off with a tremendous offensive line that could turn out to be the best in America, A.J. Green at receiver, a fantastic rotation at tackle, an athletic and deep linebacking corps, and roughly five running backs who could start for just about anyone…

but Fiutak also points out the potential pitfalls facing the Dawgs this season. And yes, he wrote it after the suspension news appeared.

I think he gets the importance of the Okie State game just right.  But A. J. Green as the fourth best player on the team?  I don’t know about that…


UPDATE: On the other hand, David Hale takes my concerns about the injuries and the lack of depth in the receiving corps, weaves it all together with stats like these –

Take away A.J. Green and Michael Moore and Georgia’s offense this coming season has a career total of 27 receptions… combined!

That’s not just the receiving corps either. That’s everyone on the offense — tailbacks, fullbacks, tight ends and receivers…

and  creates this ginormous bucket of ice water to throw all over Fiutak’s optimism.



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8 responses to “A “sneaky-tough semi-sleeper”

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Someone has GOT to start proof reading those things.
    “[Aaron Murray] looked the part this spring, with three touchdown passes in the spring game, and there could be a groundswell of support to make him the main man to lead the program early on.”

    I was unaware of a) his three TD passes this spring and b) the growing discontent with Cox before the first game has been played.


  2. RedCrake

    Taking away Green AND Moore is a pretty serious take away. Also, with Durham down you were already gonna be seeing Wooten, Brown, and maybe Charles taking some snaps at wide receiver and obviously they haven’t had a chance to make college receptions.

    Would have been like saying take away Massaquoi last year…but then AJ Green happened.

    Point is, we have all kinds of talent depth, just not a whole lot of experience depth. There is a difference and obviously you’d like experienced talent, but looking at the WR position as a bare cupboard at this point seems a little fatalistic.


  3. The Realist

    He had three TD passes in the totality of the spring scrimmages, but there was nary a TD pass in the spring game.

    I think Murray will end up like Chase Daniel. Not the biggest of arms, but very accurate… can move around and put up some points with the right tools around him. I doubt it will happen this year, but it will happen soon enough.


  4. 81Dog

    Billy Clyde Puckett and them great Americans from Fort Worth, Texas, are some of the finest literary characters ever invented. I can’t pick up a Dan Jenkins novel without laughing my rear end off every other paragraph.

    Clearly, Senator, in addition to being a fine blogger, you are a discerning aficianado of fine American literature.


  5. I think the OSU game for you guys is very much like the Clemson game was for Bama last year. I wrote before the season that if we won it, we’d likely end up 10-2, but if we lost, we’d probably go 7-5. It’s such a huge boost to beat a well-regarded team like that (even if that later turns out to be a mistaken evaluation) away from home. It really sells the players on what the coaches have been teaching them, and when they buy in (if the coach is good–and yours is), anything is possible. You’ve got a really tough schedule and a new quarterback, but I think a W in Stillwater sets up a much better year than most are expecting.


  6. Wes

    I agree with Redcrake. If you take away Mark Richt, we have 0 wins in the last eight years! If you take away Caleb King and Richard Samuel, we have less than 20 carries in the backfield! (approximately. I don’t really want to look it up, but I don’t think Kalvin Daniels carried much of the load last year.)


  7. Turd Ferguson

    I agree with Watchman. I think there’s even more riding on that OSU game than we may realize … which makes me just as bothered (if not more) by the suspension of Justin Huston as I am about the lack of experience at the skill positions.


  8. digidy dawg

    This happens every year to a certain degree. That is the big question marks surrounding any college team. I don’t like it, but it does make every year in college football just as if not more exciting than the last. Someone is going to step up & be a playmaker this year. Maybe a player that’s off the radar. Who had ever heard of David Pollack, or Thomas Davis before they stepped it up. There is no doubt that the Dawgs have all the talant, but who’s going to be the one to separate themselves & be a game buster. I just hope they do it in the Oklahoma St. game. This years team is going to either be great, or its going to be a season we want to forget.