In Gus they trust.

I know there’s a lot of unbridled optimism on the Plains right now about Malzahn’s new, supercharged offense… and I know we heard a lot of the same stuff about Tony “Troy racked up 488 yards on Georgia” Franklin’s scheme… and I know that we’re being assured that it’ll be different this time…

but as a Georgia fan, I’ve got a responsibility to rain on their parade.  A little, anyway.

So take it away, Chris Brown.

… One brief thought on Malzahn, however. Gus’s big thing is that he believes in tempo. Of course, he hasn’t really had a chance to go breakneck speed yet at Auburn (at least by the reports of those who have seen both Tulsa, his former stop, and Auburn practice), though the offense is apparently looking much better already. Ironically, he’s improved — over both Tuberville’s prior offense and the Tuberville Franklin mash-up — by just bringing some sound, simple schemes. Sure he has a lot of window dressing, but that offense had just gotten bad. Yet, at least in year one I’ll be surprised if he works miracles.

What they did at Tulsa was wonderful, but Herb Hand — who brought the zone blocking aspect of the running game to go with Malzahn’s pace and power game schemes — was an integral part of the Tulsa attack: they were co-offensive coordinators for a reason. And though Malzahn seems reasonably committed to the running the ball, he was always a pass first guy, so we’ll just have to see how that flies without a true quarterback. And the X factor is Chizik, the head coach. Even if Malzahn’s offense is good, there are few defensive minded guys who appreciate a three-and-out (which can happen to any offense) that takes about eight seconds to occur. How long is his leash? Time will tell.

That strikes me as pretty accurate.  Auburn was a team last year that didn’t have the personnel to run the scheme.  The fact that the coaching staff couldn’t get on the same page just added to the train wreck.  So even if everyone is full of peace, love and understanding now, they still need a quarterback.

Is there a quarterback? Bueller?  Bueller?

… Chizik, who was in Robertsdale on Tuesday for the Mobile and Baldwin County Auburn Clubs’ annual scholarship dinner, said before the event that it could be late August before a starter is named. Kodi Burns and Neil Caudle got most of the reps during spring drills, but Chizik said he expects incoming freshmen Tyrik Rollison and Clint Moseley to join an ongoing competition this fall.

“The position has not been won; that’s the main point of emphasis,” Chizik said. “We’ve got some young guys who will come in and challenge for the job. Certainly the ones who have been on campus have an advantage of 15 days anyway, but the quarterback situation probably won’t be solved until right before the season starts.”

Uh, that’s “solved” in the sense that somebody has to trot out there on September 5th and take snaps from the center.  “Work in progress” might be a more accurate description.

Ironically, since he’s the new kid on the block, Chizik will have more time to allow the offense to round into shape than Tubby was granted a year ago.  The odds are he’s going to need it, although Auburn’s early schedule of four home games against two non-BCS conference schools, a diminished West Virginia team and SEC bottom dweller Mississippi State should give his team plenty of opportunity to start sorting things out at the position.



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  1. Dog in Fla

    Flashback. Robertsdale, Summerdale, Foley, Elberta, Miflin, Perdido Beach, Bon Secour, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Ono Island, FloraBama – the axis of Lower Alabama Snake Stabler driving while allegedly impaired towns and a bar. I know. Been there. Been raised there. Accused of allegedly having done that. Left there.

    What in the wide world of recruiting and fund raising is Chizik doing in Robertsdale? Chizik, try to spend more time in Mobile. Rub shoulders with Finebaum even though he’s a Sabin admirer and a Tennessee alum but not a Lane fan because Finebaum wants Gruden at UT.

    While most of the farmers and ranchers in Baldwin County (the largest geographical county east of the Mississippi, at least that’s what they told us in school) who went to a college did go to an Auburn or a Troy, it’s still a Tide county, see, e.g., Julio Jones, the big lineman from Foley and, of course, The Snake.

    Why does the Mobile-Baldwin Auburn Club have its scholarship dinner in Robertsdale? Is it because Sabin has occupied the rest of the state?
    Did they lure Chizik down with an offer of a hog?

    Because Robertsdale is in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and I really, really mean nowhere. How do you know you’re in Robertsdale? Look for the soybean silo and the potato shed by the tracks and if it’s Monday, the smell of the livestock auction. Better yet, read “Pig Trails and Open Roads: Stories of Central Baldwin County, Alabama” by Jeanette Dyess Ryan available at Lee Drugstore or Ard’s Printing in Robertsdale or on Amazon.

    And lots of luck with that offensive scheme, which only cost Tuberville his job and Auburn $5M for Tuberville’s job.

    Predicted Bobby Lowder Colonial Bank Honeymoon Time: Very, very short.

    In other words, Chizik, expect Bobby and Colonial to get bailed out before you. Best of luck except when you play us.


  2. TomReagan

    Whoever thinks Richt can’t win the big one, etc. needs to look at Auburn. With Richt we’ll never be in a quarterback mess like the one they’re in. Even when we had JoeT back there, we could fall back on a future #1.

    Chizich does’t have a prayer unless he gets a stud in there soon.