Stunning factoid of the day

Per the Wall Street Journal’s sports page (still have trouble getting used to that), care to guess which SEC team has the most experienced offensive line going into this season, measured by returning career starts?

Answer:  Georgia, with 99.  The next closest team in the conference is Kentucky (83).  Arkansas is last in the conference, at 43.

Given that there’s only one senior in the bunch, that number should actually rise in 2010, unless somebody leaves early for the NFL.

Barring injuries, of course.

(h/t MGoBlog)



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5 responses to “Stunning factoid of the day

  1. Dawg93

    The good news is that it means we have some depth. The bad news is that it doesn’t necessarily equate to a “great” or even “very good” starting O-line because my guess is that if you were to calculate the average starts per O-lineman, ours would be low because we have so many guys that had to start due to injuries and suspensions. Just off the top of my head, the only guys with more than a season’s worth of starts would be C. Davis and Boling. Sturdivant, Anderson, J. Davis, Jones, Vance, and Glenn all have 1 season or less of starts.

    I will say, though, that if we all of our injured guys come back healthy and they remain relatively healthy this year, the increased competition from that experienced depth should keep the starters on their toes enough to make them better players.


  2. Gator Hater

    Love to see the cheesenut “treebows” down there with 51.

    Has anyone actually seen this “treebow” in Gainesville?

    Obnoxious cheesy fcks.


  3. BigOldDawg

    Maybe that 51 is why day coach talking bout Notre Dame…he’s gone, you know he’s gone…that’s my story and I am sticking to it.


  4. RedCrake

    Best case scenario… Urban leaves for ND, Mullen has one good season at Miss St. and UFAG hires him back.


  5. AtlDawg

    when did the wsj get a sports page?