Kiffin watch: proud to be an Okee from Pahokee, or something like that.

What do you get when you mix a dumbass with a stubborn prick?  Something like this:

… I know tempers are ablaze on all three sides of this problem (Pahokee’s, Tennessee’s and UF’s), but let’s step back for a second and look at this objectively. Eventually this thing has to end (right?), but how exactly is that going to happen?

“It needs to end,” Thompson said. “It’ll end when Tennessee does what they’re supposed to do.”

The options at this point look like this, in no particular order: 1. Kiffin concedes and flies down here, 2. Alejo backs down from his demand, 3. The school district intercedes and overrules Alejo, allowing the Vols on campus.

At this point, Option 2 is unfathomable. Right or wrong, Alejo seems to have painted himself into a corner and it’s unlikely he’s going to back off his original requirement of Kiffin coming down to a public meeting in Pahokee. Not many people back down once they get to this point.

Option 1 is hard to believe, too, although I wouldn’t rule it out. Like Kiffin or not, and I’m guessing most of our readers don’t, he’s got a pretty demanding job. Not a lot of major college coaches have time to devote to town hall meetings. Furthermore, Kiffin feels as though he has already apologized over and over. He’s not crazy. He apologized on ESPN, apologized to Thompson and apologized in this newspaper. Alejo and Pope say those apologies were directed only toward Thompson, not the community, students and school staff.

Don’t count on Option 3. School district spokesman Nat Harrington said Thursday the county’s policies “absolutely” stand behind Alejo.

“He’s protecting the school and the students, and that’s what we expect him to do,” Harrington said.

“In a situation like this, the principal is the authority on that campus. If he views that anyone is a disruption to his campus, the policy backs him up on that.”

This is the flip side to “it’s all good – we’re getting Tennessee’s name out there” publicity.  Junior’s too stupid to realize that an ongoing fight with some petty high school principal just makes him look smaller than he wants to project.  It’s one thing to trade barbs with coaches who’ve won national championships.  What good does it do to take a shot at the head of Pahokee High?



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3 responses to “Kiffin watch: proud to be an Okee from Pahokee, or something like that.

  1. Burn in hell Gator

    Kiffin or not – this Alejo guy is a complete and utter gator tool. He’s a low-grade principal in a low-grade Florida dump and he’s thumping his chest?

    Typical Florida grad a$$hole. “I’m a Gator. Bow down before Zod!”

    GFY Principal (gator) Alejo.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Pahokee Apology Tour (PAT):

    Lane’s What the Muck Pahokee Apology of:

    “IF I offended any of you poverty stricken Gator fan dumbasses, I’m sorry.

    You guys really aren’t that much different from poverty stricken dumbasses in last place I worked, Oakland.

    In fact, Pahokee is really not that much different from Oakland or Berkeley or even Knoxville in that you don’t want to be caught out at night unarmed in any of those places.”

    Somehow, someway Lane’s WTM Pahokee Apology was deemed to be insufficient by the Gator fan and alum Pahokee High Principal, the Blue Devil coach as well as all the town folk in the cane field villages surrounding Lake Okeechobee.

    In last ditch effort to being forced to board Gulfstream for the demanded Pahokee Apology Tour, Lane tells UT AD Hamilton to increase Tennessee football scholarship offers to Blue Devil players from five to the entire rising Blue Devil senior class of football players.

    Hamilton concerned. Lane tells Hamilton they’ve got to qualify first so we’ll worry about that problem later or I’ll make another roster move and cut more than the eleven I’ve already let loose. Hamilton smiles, unconcerned. Admires business acumen of young Lane.

    This bold and brilliant move is designed to be a death knell to those Pahokians supposedly in charge, make the Gator guy look like Al Davis and make Lane look like the Robin Hood of The Smokies to the flat plains tenement dwellers of Pahokee. High risk, low reward? Yes, but that’s what Lane is all about.


  3. Ladydawginfl

    Better watch it SB – you’ll get all those Thugasee fans in an uproar if you keep picking on their wonderful new coach.