Wait ’til they hear about the window treatments.

Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle, how dumb are these people?

… Saban will play himself in the big-screen version of Michael Lewis’ book “The Blind Side,” which examines the Memphis-based recruitment of former Ole Miss offensive lineman Michael Oher.

It sounds simple enough. But since the book is set in 2004, Saban’s character is recruiting Oher to LSU as the Tigers’ former head coach. That’s an interesting turn for anyone who has followed the Alabama-LSU rivalry the past few years.

“It’s a historic event. So it’s a part of the history,” Saban said before tonight’s appearance at a Crimson Caravan event in Montgomery. “I mean, you really can’t change history. I explained it to our players, and I think our players understand that. It’s just one of those things. It has nothing to do with my love and my passion for the University of Alabama, and our players on our team, I think, understand that as well.”

Let me get this straight.  It’s a role.  In a movie.  Of events that took place several years ago.  And yet Saban has to explain to his players why he’s not dressed in Crimson and White?  And he “thinks” his players understand that?  Holy Mother of Crap, I’m not believing this.

Besides, you’d figure if there was anyone who would be comfortable with the concept of living in the past, it would be Alabama folks.


UPDATE: Todd over at Roll ‘Bama Roll has a snappy comeback for me.  It’s not bad, but not as good as I’ve gotten from Florida fans.  Then again, the Gators have had more practice.



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20 responses to “Wait ’til they hear about the window treatments.

  1. Nick Saban

    Where’s the love? I’m simply trying to establish myself as THE megalomaniac of the conference. I’ve got some stiff competition down in Gainesville you know.



  2. RedCrake

    Seems odd that Saban would be in the movie since the book portrays LSU, their recruiting tactics, and Saban himself in a negative light.

    Maybe they’re gonna soften that part up.

    Or maybe Saban’s a genius and just wants to make LSU look bad in the movie…who knows?

    The Armani Bear is a difficult nut to crack.


  3. Lowcountry Dawg

    You sure JC’s middle name starts with H?


  4. capstonereport

    That is more for the fans than the players. Some fans will complain when Saban wears the wrong shade of red or wears his gray suit too often. I never knew so many fashion critics lived in Alabama before this.


  5. MacAttack

    Really isn’t that big of a deal

    If Richt played a role wearing FSU shirt as their OC, I wouldn’t really give a crap


  6. Maybe, if you’re lucky, Coach Saban will stop by and apologize for upsetting you with his word choice.

    Why so sensitive?


    • I dunno, Pete. I guess it never dawned on me that Saban would have to explain what he did in life before he showed up in Tuscaloosa.

      I bet Petrino wishes he could be afforded the same luxury. 😉


  7. Dog in Fla

    Sabin tortuous quote, “I mean, you really can’t change history,” is disinformation you can believe in.

    When you get $4M a year, not only do you have to be able to change history, you’re expected to write it.


  8. Nick

    Don’t you have a cocktail party to lose?


  9. A.J. Green

    Why can’t I be as great as Julio Jones? He’s so dreamy!


  10. Stax

    How dumb is this author? Apparently he can only comprehend English in the most literal terms. Saban is explaining that he choose to take the role to preserve the historical accuracy of the movie. He’s not explaining why he wore purple and gold instead of crimson and white in 2003, dumbass.


    • “Preserve the historical accuracy of the movie”? LMAO. Dude, this isn’t a documentary. It’s entertainment. They’re using Hollywood actors and actresses to play all of the leading roles. Saban took the bit for the same reason Orgeron did – to get his face on the big screen.

      That’s why he feels the need to explain himself.


      • Stax

        LMAO. Then you should have put that in your post if that’s what you really meant.

        Your post states this is a movie “of events that took place several years ago. And yet Saban has to explain to his players why he’s not dressed in Crimson and White? ”

        You imply that Alabama players don’t understand why Saban circa 2004 would be dressed in LSU attire instead of crimson and white. That is downright stupid.

        Saban’s comment is an explanation why appearing in the movie as LSU coach is not a diminishment of his loyalty and commitment to Alabama, but you didn’t catch that.


        • Saban’s comment is an explanation why appearing in the movie as LSU coach is not a diminishment of his loyalty and commitment to Alabama, but you didn’t catch that.

          Seriously, man, I caught it. I just don’t understand the need for it.

          I think you’re getting hung up on attire. That was just a figure of speech for the exact point you raise.


  11. Just DAMN...

    Look, dude, we’re very sorry about ruining that whole “Blackout”thing for you guys last season.

    I swear.

    And besides, shouldn’t you be worrying more about the manner of which UGA will choose to choke their season away this year?


    • HackerDog

      No hard feelings. At least our fans didn’t throw any cups at your team.

      We might not have a great year, but we have the bowl win enjoy during the off-season. I notice UA hasn’t scheduled any Mountain West opponents this season. Wise move.


      • Just DAMN...

        Props to the Utes. They were ready. We weren’t. If we’d only tried our own version of the blackout, who knows?

        Still, We have an undefeated regular season and a bright future to enjoy in the off season, as well as a coach thay for whatever reason even gets into the heads of teams we don’t play on a regular basis. Nothing but positives in TTown.

        We now return you to your regularly scheduled pondering of how you might just stay competitive with Florida instead of being blown out of the building by the end of the first quarter…


  12. Tommy

    Well done, Senator. Although I think this post could’ve been distilled to “Dance, Bammers, dance!”