Bobby Bowden unleashes the nickname defense.

If you need evidence that Diddy Bowden continues to creak along past his prime, read this sad quote (h/t The Wiz of Odds):

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said the NCAA’s intention to nullify some of his victories because of an academic cheating scandal is ”unfair” and said that the NCAA “might not like us because we didn’t change our name from Seminoles.”

That’s treading close to tinfoil hat territory.  What’s next – that Miles Brand is an alien from the tenth dimension who can’t stand the war chant?

The academic scandal is bad enough in and of itself.  But what Bowden is doing now guarantees that it’s going to remain a front and center distraction for his team this season.  That can’t be good.  And the more he harps on it, particularly with ludicrous protestations like this one, the more he makes it a bigger part of his legacy.

The topper is that it’s stupidly counterproductive.  Does Diddy think he’s made it more likely for the NCAA to reverse itself on appeal by accusing it of PC bias?


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6 responses to “Bobby Bowden unleashes the nickname defense.

  1. sh

    Bowden is wrong about linking the two incidents, but likely correct that the PCNCAA does not like the name given its apparent offensive nature to some.

    The bigger picture here, the one that everyone seems to miss (or not discuss), is that a weak FSU equals a strong FL. I sincerely wish Bowden would retire and let this program become a beast again. Aside from recruiting, that would be a godsend for GA.

    And let’s not forget about Miami.


    • To quote Tommy Perkins,

      Miami: From a Bulldog perspective, if you looked at the state of Florida as though it were Afghanistan (and I do), the Gators, obviously, are the Taliban, while Miami is whatever warlord is running things in the Northeast. The Hurricanes don’t occupy anything remotely resembling moral high ground, but they are useful. As with Alabama, a healthy Miami helps Georgia; in Da U’s case, it’s because the ‘Canes recruit against the Gators in the Sunshine State’s hottest hotbeads for high school talent, although they don’t play the Gators that often.


      • Dog in Fla

        That makes Spurrier’s recruiting and record at Florida even more impressive because FSU and Miami were fielding football teams in the 1990’s.


  2. joe

    Miles Brand is an alien from the 10th dimension, but to say he can’t stand the war chant is well…just silly.



  3. 69Dawg

    All FSU needs to do is hire the Nerd’s lawyer. Heck they cheated for years and walked. FSU’s screw up pales by comparison.


  4. Dog in Fla

    NCAA Apaches soon to count coup with Bobby’s wrinkly old Seminole scalp.

    NCAA finds latest excuse from Bobby to be just as lame, dadgummit, as the classic ‘he didn’t kill anyone’ excuse from the Free Shoes scandals of the 1990’s.

    NCAA’s secondary finding is that old age does not improve memory but in fact contributes to memory loss.