Hey! Over here! Look at me!

Dan Mullen, apparently tired of being the new kid on the block nobody pays attention to, takes his shot at one of the other newbies:

His Mississippi State assistants haven’t been banned from any Florida high schools, and they haven’t pulled up in front of a single high school in Alabama in a limo.

How does Dan Mullen expect to make it in this league as a head coach if he’s not making headlines in the spring?

“We don’t need to make national headlines to recruit,” Mullen said Monday. “Taking our budget, instead of buying fancy limos, we’re gonna maybe get more sneakers for our players.

“I want to get more gear and more good things for our players instead of having coaches drive around in style all the time.

“I’m more into getting stuff for the players than getting stuff for the coaches.”

Yeah, how’s that whole “Knock it off!” vibe working out for you, Commissioner Slive?


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5 responses to “Hey! Over here! Look at me!

  1. Dog in Fla

    Mike ‘Knock It Off!’ Slive knows he’s lost control of the room when the quiet student in the back of the class starts acting up like the rest of the assholes.


  2. G.O.B.

    How is a scarcity of shoes a selling point for recruiting?


    • Dog in Fla

      Because this is solely a Mississippi topic on a selling point for recruiting it needs to be analyzed like Faulkner were doing it which means that because Mullens thinks there’s a scarcity of shoes in Starkville now and if they don’t have to include a line item for renting an Aubie-like limo with or without spinners in the football recruiting budget the Maroon Other Bulldogs Go Ron Polk can take what the limo rental amount would have been and take that money to the Payless Shoestore out on Highway 12 in Starkville and use it to buy shoes for those who are barefoot in Mississippi.


  3. Macallanlover

    Mullen=the best hire of the three coaching vacancies in the SEC this year. He may not lead them to a championship within the next 5 years (neither will the other two), but he will get MSU more competitive with the athletes they have to work with.


  4. godawg

    “Hey! Over here! Look at me!”

    Isn’t that what to say right before you bust your ass?