Delany vs. Obama vs. Notre Dame

There are a couple of one-liners worth sharing with you this morning.

First, the most arrogant human being in college athletics gives us the low down on the POTUS:

“It’s very hard to be disagreeable with a popular president, that’s my first thought,” Delany said. “The reality is that he has a pulpit and people listen. I think his strength is probably basketball brackets.”

Har har!  In case you didn’t catch the contempt, Delany adds this thought:

The president initially voiced his wish for a football playoff last fall while campaigning and has remained an advocate. “He probably has an interest as a fan,” Delany said. “He’s a scholar and a lawyer and a great politician, but I don’t think he really understands the complexity of the issue.”

It’s moments like that that make me wish Obama would pull Delany aside and tell him he’s got the votes to pass a bill mandating a 64-school football playoff, just to see the reaction.

But don’t feel too sorry for the President.  He was dishing out as good as he got yesterday.

Having put up with hecklers at Notre Dame, President Barack Obama got in a shot of his own at the school whose renowned football team has gone its longest stretch without a national championship.

After giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame, Obama spoke at an Indianapolis fundraiser Sunday night for the Democratic National Committee. He began his remarks by joking that he told The Rev. John Jenkins, the university president, that the controversy surrounding his campus appearance “paled in comparison to what to do about the football team.”

The Fighting Irish had records of 3-9 and 7-6 the past two seasons — the most losses at the school in a two-year period — and haven’t won a national championship since 1988.

“That’s an issue we may not resolve within my four years,” Obama said.

“Eight,” shouted someone from the audience.

“All right, well, maybe in eight we might get it done,” Obama said.

Everybody’s a comedian these days.  Okay, well maybe not Delany…

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One response to “Delany vs. Obama vs. Notre Dame

  1. Dog in Fla

    Look at the big brain on Delany saying that Obama doesn’t understand the complexity of the BCS.

    While Delany liked Obama’s pick of UNC in Obama’s basketball bracket that may have been because Delany played basketball and went to law school there. Delany, Slive, other commissioners and bowl guys are probably going to find that Obama is a pretty good counter-puncher on the BCS v. Playoff thing.

    Some of us here (me not included) seem to have pretty much grasped the BCS by the nuts re its pros and cons against a playoff.