Kiffin watch: it’s a Junior round up!

The good news is that Junior and Pahokee have kissed and made up.  There’s even a public record!

Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin and his staff are “welcome any day, any time” in Pahokee, Fla. His latest apology — frankly, we’ve lost count of how many he delivered — apparently did the trick Tuesday afternoon. Either that, or the fact that cameras were on hand to record it this time.

“Everything is a go,” Pahokee vice mayor Henry Crawford Jr. told the Knoxville News-Sentinel. “[Kiffin] apologized once again, and they are welcome any day, any time.”

Peace in our time, it’s wonderful.  Is there a Nobel Prize for college football?

On the other hand, it’s not all peaches and cream in Knoxville.  There’s another self-reported secondary violation on the table.  This one’s not Junior’s fault, though.

Tennessee plans to self-report another NCAA secondary violation after a high school recruit was mentioned by name Tuesday on Lane Kiffin’s Twitter page.

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said it wasn’t actually Kiffin who penned the post in question but an employee in the football office who was updating Kiffin’s Twitter page for him.

It’s not easy getting the hang of that whole Twitter thing.  But here’s the ominous part:

“It was one of Lane’s personal assistants, and it was his first day on the job,” Hamilton explained. “He posted the message on Lane’s Twitter account without asking compliance. It was an inadvertent error, but it’s still a violation and one of those things where you’ve got to know what the deal is. We’ll report it.”

The termination notice is being typed to the strains of O Fortuna as you read this.

Finally, Junior is still doing his it’s-all-been-planned shtick… with a slight twist.

… After signing day, Kiffin made disparaging comments about Pahokee and Richardson’s high school while speaking to fans in Knoxville. “For those of you who haven’t been to Pahokee, there ain’t much going on,” Kiffin was quoted as saying. “You take that hour drive up from South Florida, there ain’t a gas station that works. Nobody’s got enough money to even have shoes or a shirt on.”

“That’s really the first thing I really regretted saying,” he says now.

So there’s that.  Until the next time, at least.


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6 responses to “Kiffin watch: it’s a Junior round up!

  1. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day – 20 May 2009:

    Lane lifts right front leg like pink flamingo, points, stares at the guy who used to be Lane’s new first day on the job personal Twitter and Tweet assistant and says:

    “I just signed the Pahokee Peace Treaty with those jokers down there and you’ve given me what? Another secondary violation. That’s a buzz killer, man. Here’s a one-way Greyhound ticket to Pahokee with a Google map of its service station. I hear there are a lot of vacancies down there. Good luck, dude.”


  2. godawg

    I’m disappointed they didn’t throw Kiffykins in the Pahokee Pokey.


    • Dog in Fla

      Lane’s not. There was no room for Lane at the Pahokee House of the Rising Sun or at the Big House, the Palm Beach County Jail. Booked. Completely full. Mostly with VOP’s (Violations of Probation). Otherwise, they would have.


  3. Left to Right

    “That’s really the first thing I really regretted saying,” he says now.

    Another little back-door shot at Myer.

    I’d love to see the Vols beat UF just to watch Myer’s head explode, but I think there is going to be a beatdown by Florida that will make last year’s Florida-Georgia game (and it is the “Florida-Georgia” game now, not “Georgia-Florida,” even for Georgia fans) look civil in comparison.


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  5. “…with a Google map of its service station. I hear there are a lot of vacancies down there. Good luck, dude.”

    HAHAHA, that is hilarious!