Let me tell you how it will be…

These are words that should chill the souls of every school president and athletic director in the country:

“The high share of commercial revenue for some sports programs raises the questions of whether those programs have become side businesses for schools and, if they have, whether the same preferential tax preferences should apply to them as to schools in general.”

That’s something written by the director of the Congressional Budget Office.  Not a crank, in other words.

If Washington wants to push D-1 schools around, it’s got plenty of leverage.  It’s just a matter of political will, and there will be more of that if the playoff debate begins to center around economic fairness.  How the schools respond will be the big question.


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5 responses to “Let me tell you how it will be…

  1. Dog in Fla

    CBO Director diplomatically masters understatement. Calls main businesses of many universities ‘sides businesses.’ Obama Playoff Blitzkrieg continues.


  2. You know, in the middle of Nick Saban Is Godfest ’09, the usual slate of pundits might want to remember that Saban’s complete inability to get his team up for the Sugar Bowl put these ridiculous arguments in real motion.

    Bama takes care of bidness against the Precious, Precious Utes a la Georgia/Hawai’i, and we’re probably not having this discussion. Much.

    Thanks, Nick. Good luck trying to (finally!) have two 10-win seasons in a row.


  3. Left to Right

    I think the CBO is looking into this primarily in an attempt to identify additional tax revenues to fund the current federal budget and proposed policies such as healthcare reform.

    This doesn’t make it any less troublesome (and in fact may make it moreso), but I don’t think this is about sabre-rattling to force a playoff.


  4. Sounds fair to me.

    College football is not about education. It is a gigantic business.

    Sounds wise to remove the tax exempt status from the major D1 sports.