Ain’t nothin’ free.

All that wonderful new TV money raining down on the SEC… now it’s time for the check to be presented:

… Since every SEC football game will now be televised, Adams said he expects Georgia will be playing more night games under the new deal, probably one more per year.

Games on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU and regional syndication will generally be played in prime time, according to the SEC.

“Our posture remains we prefer Saturday afternoon football,” Adams said.

Evans said Georgia is likely to request some noon slots instead of night games from the network.

The new deal requires two SEC Thursday night games a year, Adams said, but some schools like Georgia have a posture of not playing on Thursdays.

Yeah, but…

Other schools are also more receptive to playing under the lights more often.

Evans said the biggest change he expects are more night games on the road.

ESPN, all I can say is that if you’re gonna jerk us around with all of this night action, the least you can do is give us Uncle Ron.


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11 responses to “Ain’t nothin’ free.

  1. Evans said Georgia is likely to request some noon slots instead of night games from the network.

    Screw that.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Maybe ESPN will pay a signing bonus to Thom Brennaman to lure him away from Fox Sports and Tim Tebow just to call all Georgia games and talk about Tim.


  3. RedCrake

    If Brennaman had to call an entire season’s worth of games, he might get dangerously close to becoming a semi-competent football commentator.

    Aww…who am I kidding. Nevermind.


  4. 81Dog

    Grrrrrrreat. Thursday night games and noon games. Is there ANYTHING Mike Adams won’t do for a little more cash?

    if ESPN offered to buy him lunch on Fridays, he’d probably agree to let UGA play in the 10am Tuesday morning game of the week.


  5. Gatch

    I don’t see why there is so much resistance to televised night games. You have to love the publicity, and with some success, it could catalyze further successful recruiting.


  6. Macallanlover

    With all due respect to Adams, he should stick to worrying about the academic side of UGA. While I know others feel differently, I wish that UGA would NEVER play a game until night before late October, or maybe November.

    I love the night atmosphere, and HATE broiling in the sun. Cooler temps are better for players and fans. I have almost died twice from heat in my life, and both of them were in Tuscaloosa in 2002.


  7. John Lucas

    “Our posture remains we prefer Saturday afternoon football,” Adams said.

    Who the hell is included in “we”?!


  8. kckd

    Just like Mike Adams to say “we don’t play at night, let our fans bake in the sun while I’m in my air conditioned suite at high noon.”


  9. I really don’t understand all the Mike Adams hate. UGA has improved massively in academics, endowment, football, and other sports under his reign.

    Yeah, his cocktail party stance sucks. But nobody is perfect.

    And thank god someone got rid of Dooley. He was a total drag on the athletic department, and he was running it into the ground.


    • Muck, we’ve had this discussion before, but I’m curious to see what evidence you have to support the “massive improvement” in endowment you allege has occurred under Adams. All the numbers I’ve seen show that’s lagged in comparison to peer institutions.