You must remember this.

The AJ-C interviewed three quarterbacks who started Georgia-Florida games in the 80’s and 90’s to get their perspectives on whether the game should remain in Jacksonville.  The surprising part to me wasn’t that all three favored leaving the game where it is – I figure the paper could find three ex-players who feel differently – but what former Gator QB Danny Weurffel had to say:

… Many of the details of the alternating home games have gotten lost in my mind with the dozens of other home and away games in which I had participated. The games that stand out, for lots of different reasons, were in Jacksonville.

I mean, really?  I would have thought 52-17 in Athens would have been the one to stick out.

It was for me, that’s for sure.



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5 responses to “You must remember this.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Maybe Athens didn’t stick out to Danny because they also scored 52 against us the year before in Gainesville and because he’s not an Old Testament type of guy like his fleaflickin coach.


  2. They could have played that 95 game in Vince Dooley’s backyard and they still would have gotten destroyed. Didn’t the Braves win the World Series the same week?


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  4. I don’t see how its not a neutral site, if the crowd is split 50/50. I do understand that it’s closer, but its still split freakin 50/50!

    I love Jacksonville because of the whole spectacle and tailgating aspect of it. I’m not sure it would be the same if its moved to Atlanta or alternated between Gville & Athens


    • I don’t mind that its not a nuetral site that much. However, it is not a neutral site. They got to take 7 hour bus ride and stay in a hotel to get there. It ain’t neutral; but, like you said it is a 50/50 crowd, its a great tradition, and everybody loves going down there so why change it?