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Phil Steele is getting warmed up.

Phil Steele is laying out his top 40 teams at his site as sort of a preview to the release of the 2009 Magazine (on June 9th!).  He’s up to #32 and he’s already listed two teams on Georgia’s schedule for the season.

If you click on the link to the team when it’s active, you are rewarded with a PDF of that team’s summary as it will appear in the magazine.

I didn’t see much of interest in his UT preview, other than that he’s got the Vols on his “Most Improved” list and has them bowl eligible (because the “offense can only improve”).  Well, and that Steele notes that Tennessee has averaged 41 rushing ypg in its last three games against Florida.  Ouch.

Steele also has Arkansas on his “Most Improved” list.  And he’s got some noteworthy trends listed regarding the Georgia game:

Arkansas is 3-8 all-time vs. UGA and has lost 8 of the last 9.  The Hogs are just 2-6 in SEC home openers and just 3-10 following a scheduled bye since 2002.


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Resorting to gimmickry in Columbia

There’s some lawsuit that’s been filed against the University of South Carolina involving “Cocky Cloth”.

The creators of the “Cocky Cloth” — those white towels USC students waved at the Gamecocks’ final three home football games last season — have sued the university for breach of contract, claiming officials reneged on the agreed-upon split on sales of the rally towels.

The details about the money are predictably boring, but I did find this comment interesting:

In an interview with The State in October, Wilder said he hoped to recoup his investment but did not view the “Cocky Cloths” as a money-making venture.

“It’s all about giving that stadium some kind of identity,” he said at the time. “People just sit on their hands in there.”

The bloom has definitely worn off the rose at Willie Brice.


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Say anything.

So, once the GPOOE™ goes on to that fabulous NFL career that Urban Meyer is preparing him for, the Gators are planning to go to “a more drop back style offense” according to QB recruit Jesse Scroggins.

OK, fine.  We all know what a straight shooter Meyer is on the recruiting trail.  Just ask Jevan Snead.


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