Say anything.

So, once the GPOOE™ goes on to that fabulous NFL career that Urban Meyer is preparing him for, the Gators are planning to go to “a more drop back style offense” according to QB recruit Jesse Scroggins.

OK, fine.  We all know what a straight shooter Meyer is on the recruiting trail.  Just ask Jevan Snead.


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  1. kckd

    Let’s see, you’ve led the SEC in offense two of the past three years. You’ve won the national title two of the past three years and you’re gonna change your offense?

    Right. Something tells me the kids who believe this BS may have trouble qualifying.


  2. kckd

    On second thought, it may be true for another reason. Meyer may have NFL aspirations himself. Ever thought of that?


  3. Mike In Valdosta

    Corch Meyers does not want to follow those steps of SOS. He knows his gimicky offense will not win in the NFL. Furthermore, he knows he will not have any measurable talent advantage in the NFL, most new coaches start with inferior rosters.

    If Big Charlie can pull in back to back recruiting classes, Corch Meyers will make the jump to his dream job and gainesville with get Zooked again and fall into a series of NCAA infractions and perpetual probation when Shane Mathews is annointed head lizard.


    • Doc

      Mike, that was my thought too. The drop back style will be because there will be a new head coach.


    • HackerDog

      Calling Corch Meyers offense gimmicky is uncalled for. Corch Meyers will remember it. And it will be a big deal.

      But seriously, every college coach knows that the NFL is a lot harder to succeed in than the college game, but they keep giving it a shot. I think most of them are just arrogant enough to need to prove themselves in a new arena.

      I have no idea if Meyers will leave for another school or the NFL, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.


  4. sh

    Who cares.

    Just beat ’em.