Memorial Day buffet

Dig in, folks.

  • Dan Magill pays tribute to the Georgia athletes who lost their lives in service to this country.
  • There really aren’t any SEC football coaches on the hot seat right now, according to the Knoxville News’ John Adams, who then tries to stretch reality to see if a case can be made for putting Mark Richt on one, “to fill the void”.  Whatever.
  • Maybe Junior’s not on a hot seat, but he’s likely to receive a cool reception at this week’s SEC spring meetings.
  • Matt Hayes jumps back on the Notre Dame bandwagon.  It’s the schedule, stupid.
  • This isn’t a football story, but I love screwups like this.  Dumbasses.
  • He doesn’t provide any specifics, but CFN’s Pete Fiutak alleges that Tebow’s family pushed Urban Meyer to mold the GPOOE™ into more of an NFL-style quarterback.  I don’t know what surprises me more about that – that someone can push Urban Meyer or that Tebow’s family doesn’t think the GPOOE™ is perfect as he is.
  • You may remember this debate last year in the Alabama Legislature.  Well, the good news is that this year “the hops are free”.  No word on what Rep. Holmes had to say about the bill’s passage, unfortunately.


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3 responses to “Memorial Day buffet

  1. 9-3, 10-3, 3-9, 7-6. That’s Hayes’s idea of being “on the rise”?

    Of course, Hayes is the kind of guy who, should ND wind up in the Meineke Car Care Bowl or something at the end of the season, will write a column about how he knew all along the Irish just weren’t going to be that good this year.


  2. dudetheplayer

    The Adams article also has a couple of pretty big inaccuracies… stating that we’ve won 3 SEC titles under Richt and that LSU has only won one MNC during the Richt era.

    Journalism owns blogging.


  3. cookinandsmilin

    Notre Dame is on the rise… Nobody watched any ND games last year, obviously… (why would you???), but if you had, you would have seen an O-Line, similar to UGA’s, very young… They are all coming back this year, and three of the games that they lost (one really was the ref’s fault, I’m still not sure how that game ended like it did) they COULD have won… Talk is cheap, however, they have to actually play the games… but I think that ND wins AT LEAST 9 and possibly 10 this year… and yes, that schedule does “help”…