Tuesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and fill up.

  • Junior continues to impress.  He’s yet to coach his first SEC game, but he’s going to get a rule named after him.
  • Speaking of Junior, this is a timely question.  I don’t think Auburn fans are going to be too thrilled with the last answer.
  • On a list of dumb things to do, grossly exaggerating facts to a showboating member of Congress would be right up there near the top.
  • Jacksonville is all about the money, son.  And, yes, I did hear a number of Florida fans argue for moving the game out of Jax when Dooley had the Gators’ number.
  • Spurrier – still “got game”, or “a bitter old man”?


UPDATE: Jerry is miffed.

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One response to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Thunder

    So the Director of the Alamo Bowl makes $438K a year in compensation? And that’s the puny Alamo bowl. I wonder what the Directors of some the big bowls make…

    No wonder these guys are passionate about defending the bowls system.

    I’m not a big play-off guy, but if I had to have one I would like to see a hybrid model of 8 conference champs picked by a selection committee (screw ND – they can join the Big 11) in a play-off with the remainder of teams going to bowls that can survive financially on their own.