Scheme über alles.

If Heisman Pundit were a Vegas book, he’d be overwhelmed with action about now.

At Auburn, Malzahn will have a bit more talent at his disposal.  Heading into the fall, both Neil Caudle and Kodi Burns have a shot to be the quarterback.  If history is any guide, one of these guys will probably lead the SEC in passing in 2009.




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  1. 81Dog

    Does this guy think Auburn’s passing yards this season will includes yards accumulated by passes thrown to the other team?

    No word yet on how Gus Malzahn’s offense, which didn’t “light up UGA’s defense” last year like Tony Franklin’s had the previous year (sic), compares with Urban Meyer’s unstoppable attack. However, Urban Meyer is sure to read this (because Urban Meyer knows when you’ve been sleeping; Urban Meyer knows when you’re awake), and Urban Meyer is sure to find this to be a bad deal. It will get handled. That’s all I’m saying.

    I actually liked Tony Franklin’s offense last year. He said in August it was designed to get the ball to Auburn’s playmakers; it was just that no one at AU realized their playmaker was apparently their punter.


    • digidy dawg

      Don’t forget, we came really close to losing that game. The way we played we should have lost, but that was the case with more than one game last year. Kentucky would have won if not for exceptional play by AJ, & Dobbs at the end. Auburn’s a scrappy team that always shows up to play for the UGA game. It doesn’t matter what kind of year they’re having.


  2. Snort.

    Does this mean that WDE is now one of HP’s Gang Of Whatever Number It Was?


  3. 2005 Boise State

    What are you talking about? HP’s always right!