Michael Adams wants a shoe deal for himself.

You know, any SEC meeting wouldn’t be complete without some pompous comment from our favorite school president.

In response to Mike Slive’s effort to make the football coaches cool down the sniping amongst themselves, it’s not enough for Michael Adams to simply make a supporting statement.  Nah, he’s got to bring a little of that special edge, that special way of letting everyone know that he’s an underappreciated treasure.

So, we get this.

“The last time I looked all of these people still work for the presidents although they make about five times what the presidents do,” Adams said.

Cry me a river, sporto.  That really chaps your ass, doesn’t it?


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13 responses to “Michael Adams wants a shoe deal for himself.

  1. heyberto

    He’s the biggest douche in the universe. Can’t wait for the Board of Regents to get rid of him.


  2. aristoggle

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but he’s not my favorite school president, he’s the president of my favorite school.

    And a douche.


  3. Can’t speak for every school, but our football coach has had five times the beneficial effect (if not more) that our university president has, so I don’t see a problem with it.


  4. MacAttack

    I find it funny that 95% of our fans hate him strictly because other people hate him


  5. Dog in Fla

    Michael Adams makes too much.


  6. 81Dog

    Hasn’t our football coach had at least 5 times more of a better year than Czar Mike?

    He should be grateful he isn’t getting paid what he’s really worth. If you could purchase him for his actual worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth, you could retire with more money than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined.


  7. lawdawg


    People can’t stand Adams because he lacks the ability to get the rank and file UGA people on board with most of his decisions. This causes major problems when he makes controversial and questionable decisions. Further, he makes less than stellar choices about where to pick his battles.

    People in the know that support Adams will likely admit what I have just stated.


  8. RedCrake

    Last time I looked, the president of a state’s flagship university worked for the tax payers of said state and the students at the institution.

    So, as a Georgia taxpayer and a UGA alum whose tuition money went to pay Adams salary, I and most of you are Adams’ boss.

    As your boss, Michael Adams, I order you to go screw yourself.


  9. RedCrake

    And MacAttack,

    I hate Adams because instead of cutting faculty pay (highest in the SEC), he imposes a new tuition fee structure for freshmen and imposes a mandatory $100 fee on students that goes to who knows what.

    I know the economy is in the tank, but maybe Adams could cut down on his bowl game party/liquor budget to make up the difference.

    Michael Adams is a first rate tool and does not care a thing about what’s best for the University of Georgia, it athletes, or its students. That’s why we should hate him.


  10. ugafish22

    too bad the board of regents clearly love that POS


  11. heyberto

    Mac Attack,

    My problem with Michael Adams is his inflated ego, and the decisions that are influenced solely because of that. He’s not a good school president because it clouds his judgement in that respect. His disrespect of Dooley and how he handles athletics in general is secondary. Comments like this just cement his reign of douchedom.


  12. The guy saved our football program from Vince “Can I hire another good ‘ole boy who sucks as a coach” Dooley, massively grew the endowment, and improved the overall academic AND athletic reputation of UGA.

    And for that, Mike Adams is a douche? All because he (wrongly imho) made an issue out of the WLOCP?