My school’s wins can beat up your school’s stats.

I took a look at this Rivals piece because the teaser mentioned Oklahoma State and I thought I might learn something about Georgia’s first opponent this season.  Instead, I got one treated to one of those exercises in which somebody throws out a bunch of statistics to make it look like some profound point is being made, when in reality there isn’t much there there.

I mean, here’s the deal:

A year ago, looked at how schools and conferences produced players in certain offensive benchmarks – 1,000-yard rushers, 3,000-yard passers and 1,000-yard receivers – in the BCS era.

What do these individual milestones mean for a program or a conference?

After reading the whole article, I haven’t the foggiest clue.  And it doesn’t sound like the author has much of one either.

… Then again, hitting those numbers might mean nothing at all. National champion Florida and undefeated Utah didn’t have any players reach those milestones. And based solely on these numbers, the SEC was nearly as unimpressive as the ACC: four 1,000-yard rushers, no 1,000-yard receivers and a 3,000-yard passer.

While these numbers don’t guarantee wins or losses, they can tell us about how consistently teams can mix and match its key players over a period of time.

So, in essence, if a program produces a bunch of 3,000-yard passers, that means… it’s good at producing 3,000-yard passers?  Ho-kay.  Thanks for that.

Keep in mind that this article is entitled “Milestones help gauge a program’s success”.  All we have to do now is define “success”.  Compare these two fun factoids from the article:

… the Razorbacks, Alabama and Mississippi State are the only schools in the SEC without a 3,000-yard passer in their histories.

How good was Georgia‘s backfield last season? Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno were the school’s first 3,000-yard passing/1,000-yard rushing tandem. Moreno was the first Bulldog to top 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons since Herschel Walker in 1980-82.

Which school do you think had the most success last year, Georgia or Alabama?

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  1. GreenvilleDawg

    We started off 2008 making our conference proud by converting our Sugar Bowl opportunity while the Bammers watched at home still extracting UL-M asphalt from their faces, chests, and knees. JamBama did come on strong in the Fall of 2008 by spanking us at home, beating their in-state rival, and managing to hang with the Gators for significantly more than two quarters. So, I’d say, after a slow start, 2008 belongs to them. As for 2009, last time I checked, we haven’t been run over by any teams that start with the letter “U”. It’s still early but clearly the Dawgs have the edge.