That HeismanPundit fellow, what a card…

He’s posted his list of the most overrated head coaches in college football. After sticking up the usual carefully phrased disclaimer (Note: This list does NOT mean these coaches all suck…for the most part), throwing in a few guys past their primes like Bowden and Erickson and taking a gratuitous shot at Junior, he gives us Tressel and Miles at #2 and #3 with explanations like “sure, they’re successful, and sure, they recruit well, but…”

And that’s fine to an extent, but my only question here is, if that’s your frame of reference, why isn’t Pete Carroll on that list?  Has anyone accumulated more talent this decade than he has?  Has any program dominated its conference more in the past seven years than USC?  And what’s he got to show for it over the last four years?

Oh yeah, in asking all that, I don’t mean to say that Pete Carroll sucks.  Really I don’t.


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4 responses to “Oh-ver-ray-ted!

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  2. Macallanlover

    I’m sorry, but this guy is a total idiot. Spurrier and Richt on this list? What has he been smoking? (A case for Miles can be made as well, but he hasn’t been there long enough.) I would take Saban, Spurrier and Richt from the SEC and bet my house they would have made the BCS title game twice as many times as Carroll (2 times) with his talent and his “lock” schedule.) It should be like shooting fish in a barrel, but he keeps missing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Carroll is a bad coach, but he doesn’t face anything even remotely close to what an SEC coach does. His winning percentage is what versus Richt’s? And he is coaching in the PAC 1? Case closed! You should have to know something about CFB before making a fool of yourself with a blog. Like Kiffin, shouldn’t there be a test first?


  3. kckd

    I can understand Spurrier a little. They do go crazy over him, but he has earned it with what he did last decade. But I do get how they continue to say stuff about his offensive mind and bag of tricks and things when SC has sucked at offense for the last four years.

    Richt, I don’t get at all. Who in the media is touting him as one of the best coaches in America?

    And you’re right Senator. Makes no sense for Tressel to be on this list with Carrol and Bob Stoops not on it.