“The average amount distributed to each school was $11.1 million.”

Another year, another record payday for the members of the Southeastern Conference.

… The Southeastern Conference will distribute approximately $132.5 million to the 12 league institutions in the revenue sharing plan for the 2008-2009 fiscal year, which ends Aug. 31, 2009, according to league commissioner Mike Slive.

The $132.5 million is the highest total ever distributed in SEC history and represents a 4.0 percent increase from the $127.6 million distributed to the schools in 2007-2008.

That doesn’t include the $11.6 million that individual schools got to retain from bowl revenue.

It’s the breakdown of that $132.5 million that’s most interesting.

Broken down by categories and rounded off, the $132.5 million was derived from $52 million from football television, $25.4 million from bowls, $14.3 million from the SEC Football Championship, $13.6 million from basketball television, $4.1 million from the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament and $23.1 million from NCAA Championships.

By my math, SEC schools pocketed close to $92 million from football and just about $41 million from basketball.  The football TV revenue alone was $10 million more than the total basketball money.

I’ll refrain from the regular season/postseason comments here.  But make sure you look at where the money in each sport was derived.


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5 responses to ““The average amount distributed to each school was $11.1 million.”

  1. Lowcountry Dawg

    “will distribute”!? Please tell me they haven’t been rat-holing all that money to pass out at once.


  2. Joe

    Hmm, I have never seen the role of the “Conference Title” games been discussed much in the framework of the BCS vs. Playoff debate.

    I did not realize that the game was such a cash cow. How does that $14.3 mill break down?

    Is the TV contract for the SECCG totally independent of the TV contract for the rest of the season?


  3. andy

    comparing apples to apples…i wonder the money difference for basketball and football in the ACC or Big East…


  4. $52 million from about 144 regular season games. $40 million from about 9 postseason games. Not bad, not bad.


  5. Yeah, because football is tons better and more fun to watch.

    All the more reason to have a playoff and a real champion, instead of this sham determined by pencil necked media writers.