2009 Steele is out. Life is good.

I know it’s a sad commentary on my pathetic life, but my face sure had a huge grin on it when I picked up Steele’s 2009 College Football Preview yesterday.

Not the one with this ugly cover, though.

Only one more year of the GPOOE

Only one more year of the GPOOE

No, mine has a nice shot of A. J. Green going up and grabbing a pass.

I’ll dribble a few informational tidbits out over the next few days because it’s too much fun not to.  But you should go out and make one of these your own, you know.

Anyway, we’ll start with a trivia question inspired by the cover of my mag.  A. J. Green is the first freshman to lead the SEC in ypg receiving since…?  [Warning:  answer is sorta depressing if you’re a Georgia fan.]


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29 responses to “2009 Steele is out. Life is good.

  1. kckd

    Kelley Washington???

  2. Mike In Valdosta


  3. uga's favorite tick

    it was fred

  4. fred…that is depressing. I was gonna say reche caldwell. But fred is amply more frustrating.

  5. kckd

    I thought Fred, but Washington was a freshman that year and LSU also had big time receivers that I thought might’ve led the conference.

    Also Grossman threw for a gazillion yards that year so I thought UF had to have someone up there too.

    Plus Fred had a couple of games at the start where he didn’t do much of anything. His first catch didn’t come until the UT game.

  6. Wrong decade, guys. And the player in question didn’t suit up for Georgia.

  7. Mike In Valdosta

    Chris Doering?

  8. CLT Dawg

    Jabbar Gaffney?

    I really think Doering as well, but just throwing that out there.

  9. NRBQ



  10. Carruthers

    I’m gonna guess Peerless Price, Jabar Gaffney, or Sterling Sharpe.

  11. This wound up being a pretty good trivia question, no?

    Steele says: Ronny Daniels, 1999.

  12. Jitterbug

    I believe the answer has to be Fred Gibson back in ’00. I remember he had a big catch against FL that year even though we lost by a little. Yes, Fred Gibson in 2000.

    • kckd

      Fred did not play in 2000. He was still at Waycross.

      • Jitterbug

        I don’t think so. I was at that game where Quincy threw the long pass over the middle to Fred Gibson in 2000. It wasn’t a TD but a big gain. I also recall Quincy attempting to hit Fred again but Jabar Gaffney intercepted and ran it back to our 2 right before the half. So we went into half with a 3 point lead not a 17 point lead. Fred and Champ Bailey were a forminable pair.

        • Gibson’s first season was 2001. SEC All -Freshman (http://www.georgiadogs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=8800&ATCLID=499643&SPID=3571&SPSID=40673)

          And I’ll be honest, I don’t remember who the hell Ronny Daniels is….

          • Jitterbug

            Ronny Daniel is the AU receiver that burned our D over and over again in 1987. They also had a big tight end back then who really was really great. The ’97 game is Athens was a heartbreaker.

          • An Auburn wide receiver, he was Kevin Ramsey’s worst nightmare.

            If you weren’t at the ’99 Auburn-Georgia game, it’s hard to explain how bad it truly was. But here’s a little taste:

            Kevin Ramsey decides that when you have a young and inexperienced secondary the proper defensive scheme is one with lots of tight, man-to-man coverage. Georgia gives up more than 25 points in the first half on three occasions, the most famous being when Ronny Daniels burned the Georgia secondary for 200 receiving yards in the first half as Auburn, who had a losing record, embarrassed Georgia in Sanford Stadium by a score of 38-21.

            To be honest, it was even worse than that. As ugly a halftime crowd as I’ve ever seen in Sanford Stadium.

            • Pete

              That was my least favorite game I’ve ever attended. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more disappointed in the team’s performance.

            • That was the game that proved Ramsay prefers swiss cheese.

              That was a really cold game too, under the lights…Adrian Karsten may have even been roaming the sidelines.

              • Mike In Valdosta

                Coming off the win in Jax it was one of the most electric pregame environments I can remember.

  13. Macallanlover

    As good as PS is with attention to detail, I cannot believe I haven’t gotten an email from his site alerting me about the availability of the 2009 edition. I ordered mine online last season from them and figured I would be deluged with order requests from them this spring. Even below average businesses use the internet to stay connected with their customer base.

    Guess I will have to chase them down and beg for a copy. I will also opt for a different cover than the one available on the newsstands in my area.

  14. CLT Dawg

    I was SO glad I gave my tickets away to that game….I was so pissed off that I turned it off halfway through the 2nd quarter.

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