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She’s got the Corch Meyers vote locked up.

Corrine Brown, considering a run for the United States Senate, actually said this about Charlie Crist:

“I just think the state needs more than someone who’s there to talk a great game…”

She should know.


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At Auburn, that’s how they roll these days.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Auburn is examining whether any NCAA rules were broken during Saturday’s “Big Cat” recruiting weekend.

An Auburn spokesperson told the Press-Register Sunday that the university had not determined if any NCAA secondary violations occurred, but would review the event this week.

Auburn hosted roughly two-dozen top prospects on unofficial visits, providing an activity-packed weekend that culminated in the rolling of Toomer’s Corner late Saturday in front of more than 100 cheering fans.

At least two NCAA bylaws may have been breached during the weekend.

Why am I not surprised to hear that Trooper Taylor’s in the mix here?

Although NCAA rules (Bylaw 13.10.6) bar the introduction of visiting student-athletes during any function, videos of the event posted on two Web sites show the crowd cheering as the players are introduced by name, position and hometown. The man yelling the introductions does not appear on the videos, but assistant head coach Trooper Taylor is shown leading the crowd in cheers immediately after the introductions.

And to top it off, they’ve got recruits talking smack to Nick Saban.

— About a minute into this video from the Opelika-Auburn News, as someone is announcing the name of Bessemer linebacker Ladarius Owens, Seastrunk yells, “Hey, tell Nick Saban, he’s S.O.L!” That means, Saban is, um, apparently out of luck for Owens’ recruitment.

— At the very end of this video from AuburnSports.com, Seastrunk says into the camera, “What’s up, Nick Saban? Wait ’til we get here.” (You may need a subscription for this one.)

It’s the Kiffinization of SEC recruiting, I tells ‘ya!

The Mike Slive “knock it off!” campaign is off to a roaring success, based on the early returns.

Speaking of Junior, a 5’ 10″ 180-pound recruit’s got his back (h/t The Wiz).  Which has to be a comfort.



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Coach Searels, I know we’re asking a lot here…

We know that Georgia has a lot of departing offensive talent to replace – guys like Stafford, Moreno and Massaquoi put up terrific numbers last season.  What you may not realize is that on a relative basis, it may be even worse than you think.

At least that’s what I glean from this post of Steele’s, which ranks the 120 teams in D-1 by the percentage of offensive yards returning.  Yep, that’s Georgia you see ranked 112th, with a percentage of 28.5%.  That’s good for last in the SEC by a fairly comfortable margin.

That had better be one kick ass offensive line this year.


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Envy and jealousy: Bad Gatorz edition

From a column at SunSentinel.com about the double standard in play regarding the large number of players who’ve run afoul of the law at Florida (h/t The Wiz) comes this gem of a line:

Nobody at Sports Illustrated is saying the Florida team picture should be taken from the front and the side.

No they’re not.  But I wish I had.  Well played, Mr. Hyde.


UPDATE: Make that twenty four (h/t EDSBS)


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Hush hush

For those of you who remain offended by the AFCA’s decision to make the final regular season balloting in the Coaches’ Poll secret, that’s just how college football plays the game these days.

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