At Auburn, that’s how they roll these days.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Auburn is examining whether any NCAA rules were broken during Saturday’s “Big Cat” recruiting weekend.

An Auburn spokesperson told the Press-Register Sunday that the university had not determined if any NCAA secondary violations occurred, but would review the event this week.

Auburn hosted roughly two-dozen top prospects on unofficial visits, providing an activity-packed weekend that culminated in the rolling of Toomer’s Corner late Saturday in front of more than 100 cheering fans.

At least two NCAA bylaws may have been breached during the weekend.

Why am I not surprised to hear that Trooper Taylor’s in the mix here?

Although NCAA rules (Bylaw 13.10.6) bar the introduction of visiting student-athletes during any function, videos of the event posted on two Web sites show the crowd cheering as the players are introduced by name, position and hometown. The man yelling the introductions does not appear on the videos, but assistant head coach Trooper Taylor is shown leading the crowd in cheers immediately after the introductions.

And to top it off, they’ve got recruits talking smack to Nick Saban.

— About a minute into this video from the Opelika-Auburn News, as someone is announcing the name of Bessemer linebacker Ladarius Owens, Seastrunk yells, “Hey, tell Nick Saban, he’s S.O.L!” That means, Saban is, um, apparently out of luck for Owens’ recruitment.

— At the very end of this video from, Seastrunk says into the camera, “What’s up, Nick Saban? Wait ’til we get here.” (You may need a subscription for this one.)

It’s the Kiffinization of SEC recruiting, I tells ‘ya!

The Mike Slive “knock it off!” campaign is off to a roaring success, based on the early returns.

Speaking of Junior, a 5’ 10″ 180-pound recruit’s got his back (h/t The Wiz).  Which has to be a comfort.


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7 responses to “At Auburn, that’s how they roll these days.

  1. Why am I not surprised? Tennessee and Auburn, two programs that are dependent on raiding surrounding states for talent, are pulling out all the stops b/c they see the writing on the wall. With the usual raiding posts of GA, LA, MS, and NC now firmly locked up by an instate school, Auburn and UT are reverting to what long should have been their natural state.


  2. The Saban comments crack me up. Seastrunk likes to talk evidently.

    What was the context of his last quote about “wait til we get here”?


  3. kckd

    I’ll just bet none of the Gators have Urban’s back over the cheating accusation. Nah, they are just soaking up the NC glory.

    How stupid?

    Kiffin earned the degredation honestly.

    I guess Richt needs to become an arsehole too to get our kids to play for him.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Top Ten Saturday Night Live List from Toomers Corner, Auburn, Middle of Absolutely Nowhere, Alabama:

    1. Where people rounded up from dorms on a Saturday night chanting, “Come to Auburn,” will have the opposite effect on recruits;

    2. Where people rounded up from dorms on a Saturday night chanting, “It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger,” really know it’s not;

    3. Colonial BancGroup’s announcement of Bobby Lowder’s “retirement”was not because CBG needed, how should you say, a “capital infusion,” but was because Bobby needed to spend more time with his Auburn football family and will now be the Big Cat recruiting weekend coordinator;

    4. A rare occurrence in which the recruits seemed much better behaved than the people rounded up from dorms on a Saturday night;

    5. Slive weeps knowing that his lecture at the Sandestin Hilton last week was for naught. Between sobs, Slive demands that his receptionist find out the name, rank and favorite cereal of this Trooper guy at Auburn so Slive can arrange for Representative Joe Barton (Bad Ass – TX) to get emergency orders for Trooper to deploy to Afghanistan as Big Cat Taliban recruiting weekend coordinator with supplemental orders to Bring Me the Head of Osama, Dead or Alive;

    6. Chiznick knows that the limo paid off;

    7. Lane, jealous now that Chiznick is in the entertainment business, knows he’s got to pull a stunt soon. Lane’s ratings have been down since Spurrier reamed him a new one during the infamous Sandestin Hilton Elevator Finger- Pointing I-Didn’t-Call-You-a-Cheater Non-Apology Ambush last week. Lane thought that only Urban knew how to point and stare. Lane now knows that Spurrier can not only point but can also ream someone out while pointing. Lane knows he’s got to man up and man up soon so expect some big news from Lane later this week.

    8. As soon as the recruits are chained and taken to Pizza Hut, the people rounded up from the dorms on a Saturday night have to recycle the toilet paper by rolling it back up and returning it to the respective dorms;

    9. Chiznick’s defense to Secondary Violation: “The recruits had their shirts on, didn’t they?”

    10. It’s Auburn. Who could think of ten things for a list.


  5. Joe

    Why the hell do they have the recruiting rules if these clowns like Kiffin and Trooper are going to continue to absolutely disobey them?

    I really think that Mike Slive should be going doing something to stiffen the penalties for the recruiting buffoonery that is going on, rather than worry about the public rhetoric.


  6. Mike In Valdosta

    Frankly, I take great glee in the demise of the west opelika and knoxville football programs. There is one other team that picks up trash beside the road in their football jerseys… can’t wait to watch them fall also


  7. Jimmy01

    Any word as to whether the War Damn Eagles benefitted any from this?