Coach Searels, I know we’re asking a lot here…

We know that Georgia has a lot of departing offensive talent to replace – guys like Stafford, Moreno and Massaquoi put up terrific numbers last season.  What you may not realize is that on a relative basis, it may be even worse than you think.

At least that’s what I glean from this post of Steele’s, which ranks the 120 teams in D-1 by the percentage of offensive yards returning.  Yep, that’s Georgia you see ranked 112th, with a percentage of 28.5%.  That’s good for last in the SEC by a fairly comfortable margin.

That had better be one kick ass offensive line this year.


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3 responses to “Coach Searels, I know we’re asking a lot here…

  1. kckd

    How far have you read? He lists us a darkhorse NC candidate. So it’s not like he thinks we’re in deep do do or anything.


    • I’ve gone into it pretty deeply, as far as the SEC and his back section.

      You’re right, he does characterize UGA as a darkhorse for the MNC – with the qualifier that the Dawgs upset Florida, which is his #1 school.

      He ranks UGA #13. A lot of his analysis of the team boils down to “yeah, they’re inexperienced in this area, or, yeah, the stats on this weren’t too great last year, but Mark Richt is a great coach and he’ll get it right”. Plus, he likes Georgia’s schedule in odd-numbered years.

      I’m not saying he’s right or wrong on this, just that it strikes me he takes a lot on faith.


      • kckd

        We have sorta proven ourselves in odd years as the last down one we’ve had was 2001. And actually we weren’t even ranked to start the season, so I guess you’d say we did better than we were thought to do.

        Also, we just play better on the road. Why? I don’t know.

        I think our best shot to beat UF would be if they come in undefeated and it be an afterthought that they will win. In Richt’s eight years, we’ve only gone into that game once with UF having a better record. But the results remain the same.