She’s got the Corch Meyers vote locked up.

Corrine Brown, considering a run for the United States Senate, actually said this about Charlie Crist:

“I just think the state needs more than someone who’s there to talk a great game…”

She should know.


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9 responses to “She’s got the Corch Meyers vote locked up.

  1. Jeez. As most people know by now, I’m as big a left-wing commie pinko liberal as there is — and even I’d vote for Charlie Crist before I voted for Corrine Brown.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Representative Corrine Brown’s (Papermill Town – Democrat) launch of an exploratory campaign to run for U.S. Senate fails to achieve liftoff and is scrubbed for a defective O-ring, like “O, you may not be a U.S. Senator if you don’t know how to speak English.”

    Corch, Tim, Percy Harvey and the University of Florida all issue separate statements expressing regret for Representative Brown’s failure to launch but in reality all are greatly relieved.

    Corch posts $100 bounty to first geek in Computer Science Department who can scrub internet of Rep. Corrine Brown’s Gainesville Address to Congress congradulating the Gator.


  3. Senator, I needed something to pick me up after I learned that I’m part of the 60% ownership group of GM. This just isn’t doing it.


  4. Elizabeth

    She got one thing right… BS BCS


  5. Mike In Valdosta

    60% ownership, 0% say.

    Looks like the “right to work” south has kicked the Big 10 union’s asses.


  6. ArchDawg

    Don’t y’all realize she’s superior to the conferences that she plays in?


  7. Diversity rules

    Corrine Brown – A terrific example of diversity at work in our society.

    Diversity – because a mind is a terrible thing.


  8. dean

    If anyone is willing to put that “gator chant” that she loves on a T-shirt I would gladly buy one.

    1,2…3,4,5 dem dere gator don’t take no jive.
    Gets me every time.


  9. Lowcountry Dawg

    I invite input on a fine point of interpretation that has caused a considerable debate in some quarters: Is her hero Corch Irvin Meyers or Corch Irving Meyers? It’s very important to get the grammar right.