Go, you Joe Cox.

Nice Rivals piece on Joe Cox you can read here.  There’s nothing really earth-shattering in it, although Joe’s had to overcome some rough genetics, apparently.

“My wife’s family [members] are all Gator grads, and my wife and I went to Duke,” said Cox’s father, Buster Cox. “We brought him up pulling for Duke and trying to get him to pull for the Gators, but he let all his relatives know he’s a Georgia fan.”

One interesting note in the sidebar – Arizona State’s got a quarterback who’s been waiting to start, as well.  You can hear the ESPN narrative being put together now, if both get off to good starts.


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4 responses to “Go, you Joe Cox.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    My favorite quote?
    “I really believe he can tell a defensive guy if he was out of position because he’s that sharp.”

    Not that I’d rather have him watching our defense than being on the phone with Bobo, but if he’s that much of a film room guru, all the better. He knows he can’t get out of situations with his arm, but with knowledge. Hopefully that = less interceptions.


  2. Carruthers

    Just one post today, Senator?


  3. Carruthers

    I ask not because I demand more, but because of how I can always count on 3-4 posts per day from you, haha.