Saturday morning buffet

Let’s see… a little fruit… maybe a bagel with a shmear of cream cheese…

  • Nothing like a little coachspeak to start out with, here from Bobby Petrino talking about the oft-sidelined Ryan Mallett:  “We’ve been working with him for some time of not throwing the full hummer…”
  • I’m glad to see this guy get some well deserved love.  He’s a great player.  It’s surprising that he doesn’t receive more acclaim than he does.  Of course, he is stuck with Juice Williams as his quarterback.
  • 11,230 Tennesseans vote for the greatest football coach in state history, and Junior can’t even crack the top five?  I bet Billy Murphy never signed a recruit as big as Bryce Brown.  Priorities, people.
  • One reason for Gator players staying is that leaving Gainesville permanently might be a probation violation for the arrested ones.   Get your chemistry where you can, Corch.
  • Here’s a tentative fall TV schedule for Disney’s football broadcasts.


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3 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. 81Dog

    the article about Florida guys not transferring (other than the 3 who kind of had to transfer because, well, one was flunking out and one had a felony arrest and one had some other problem, and the one guy who just chose to transfer) is the stupidest thing I think I have read in quite a while.

    If you just overlook all the unfortunate stuff, the fact that people who don’t have to leave decide to stay at Florida is a tribute to Corch Meyers. Brilliant.


  2. Bryan carver Dawg97

    Someone can clarify I’m sure, but isn’t this group Meyer called the most unselfish right before the 2008 MNC the same group he threw under the bus in 2007 as being selfish and immature and that’s why they didn’t amount to much that year?


  3. OnTap

    So, in brief, no one is transferring, except for the guys that are transferring. Well, alrighty THEN!