Glory days

The Sporting News’ Matt Hayes interviews Steve Spurrier.  There are no great revelations, but it’s still kind of sad to see the OBC embrace mediocrity the way he has:

Q: Do you feel now, after four years, that it might be a lot harder to get South Carolina to the top of the SEC than you first thought?
We’ve won 28 games the last four seasons here. That’s the best four-year run in our school’s history…


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3 responses to “Glory days

  1. By “sad” you meant “hysterically funny”…right?


  2. Mike In Valdosta

    I wonder if SOS tipped Mattie and called a cab when he was done with him.

    Matt Hayes still thinks he is writing for the times-onion.

    I would like to see Matt, Dennis Dodd, and Mike Bianchi in a race with SOS 40 yards away. I bet Mattie’s knees would hit the sod first.


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