Ranking the road games

A commenter to one of my posts yesterday asked the musical question how Georgia ranks on the StubHub scale for each of its road opponents this season.  Ask, and ye shall receive, I always say here, so this is what a brief search on StubHub turned up:

  • Oklahoma State – Georgia is second, behind Texas.
  • Arkansas – Georgia is third, but that’s a bit misleading in that the games with more expensive ticket price demands were the two in Little Rock, with its smaller seating capacity.
  • Tennessee – Georgia is third, behind Auburn and South Carolina.
  • Vanderbilt – Georgia is first.
  • Florida – Georgia is first (again, seating capacity is an explanation for this, to some extent).
  • Georgia Tech – Georgia is first.  Duh.

Any surprises to you there?


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3 responses to “Ranking the road games

  1. G.O.B.

    You’re the man, man.

    It looks right to me, though I thought we’d be higher on Tennessee’s “list.”


  2. Ben

    No kidding. I wonder if Auburn and SC are higher b/c they expect to compete with Auburn and b/c of Spurrier at SC. Still, though, I’m surprised the Dawgs aren’t at the top of their list since the series has been so split in the Richt era.


  3. I agree with the Tennessee thing. How are we not a more intersting opponent than S.C., ol ball coach or not? Damn that spurrier, still finding ways to beat Georgia. Rat bastard.