Steele’s Draft Day Party Hangover

If you’ve seen the comments on the Web, Phil Steele has a generally favorable outlook for Georgia’s 2009 season – at least as favorable as a team ranked #13 in his preseason rankings that resides in the same division as his #1 ranked Florida Gators can expect, anyway.  But there’s one area that doesn’t bode well for Georgia’s chances, and that’s talent lost to the NFL draft.

… Basically I assign a point total for players selected in the different rounds of the draft and here is what the numbers have totaled.

Over the last 12 years teams that earned more points than the previous year and accumulated….
12 or more points – Weaker or same record 164 of 216 (75.9%)
24 or more points – Weaker or same record 47 of 55 (85.4%)
35 or more points – Weaker record 13 of 15 (86.7%)

Georgia, in case you’re wondering, finished second on Steele’s list, with 28 points.

The good news is that Steele believes there’s a strong likelihood that the MNC will come from one of the teams on his DDH list.  So there’s that, at least.


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2 responses to “Steele’s Draft Day Party Hangover

  1. dean

    The same record looks realistic this year. Who knows if the OL is as strong as we hope it will be and we can find a pass rush we may even improve upon last years record. But that could just be the optimist in me.


  2. Mike In Valdosta

    Stats are fun to play with (past results are not indications of future performance…) and this is the one I am hanging my hat on.

    Gainesville has never won the Cocktail Party when they were defending MNC. Yes, it is a very small sampling, but a trend nevertheless.