Wednesday morning buffet

You want coffee and orange juice with that?

  • If you want to know where some of that SEC TV money is likely to go, I’ve got one word for you:  entourage.  Nick Saban is all about gainful employment, people.
  • Nothing like meeting in an expensive San Francisco hotel to discuss cost-containment strategies.
  • After reading this, ask yourself:  could monkeys throwing darts do a whole lot worse coming up with a set of preseason rankings?
  • To media guide, or not to media guide, that is the question.
  • Finebaum, let it go, dude.
  • Dennis Dodd linked to this site that made little sense to me when I looked at it, and now I know why.  Thanks, Chris!


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2 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Paul

    I’ve got to admit, I’d heard of Finebaum but don’t normally listen to a lot of sports talk radio…


    I just moved to Birmingham for the summer and listening to his show is hilarious. I can’t wait every day to hear what these raving lunatics in Alabama have to say about Bama/Auburn.


  2. MontgomeryAlDawg

    As a dawg living in the “gump”, I get to listen to Finebaum daily…I even know a couple of the regular callers…one is a wealthy ‘high-powered’ attorney and the other a well-off contractor for the aristocratic bluebloods of which there are many in Montgomery…anyways, I’m convinced calling Finebaum takes 15 pts off your IQ everytime you call…these two friends of mine sound like fanatical rednecks on the radio, if I didn’t know them that’s exactly what I’d thinkb they were,…either way, people are grown a little different over here.