Mark Shurtleff, Antitrust Pimp

“Shurtleff has acknowledged that his high-profile inquiry has hit some snags.”

Now there’s a surprise.



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3 responses to “Mark Shurtleff, Antitrust Pimp

  1. Dog in Fla

    Utah AG Mark Shurtleff (Opportunist – UT) has correctly devined into the future and pronounced that he does not want to immediately begin anti-trust litigation. Why? Because he needs his Kill The BCS theme to stay alive at least through the date of his Senatorial run election. No need to lose before the election because some voters like a winner, or at least someone who tells them that he is going to be a winner, not a loser.

    He has also correctly forseen that the only possible way for this to happen would be with the DOJ pushing it, and why not, because the DOJ apparently has time on its hands and doesn’t have anything else useful to do like prosecute crimes.

    In the meantime, Representative Joe Barton (Bad Ass – TX) still fumes because he fumbled the BCS ball, Shutleff recovered and looks like he will score a U.S. Senate seat. Joe the BCS Plumber knows that could have been him, not Shurtleff, in the end-zone doing the celebration dance but will have to settle, for now, with just making the Alamo Bowl chairman’s life miserable.


    • Mike In Valdosta

      Never remove your lone publicly supported issue prior to availing yourself of its electoral leverage.

      Politicians are like shrinks, they both need problems to be relevant.


      • Z

        Shurtleff has some of the highest approval ratings of any public official in Utah. I think it might be because of more than his opinion on the BCS. Like maybe because of his success in taking child pornographers off the streets of Utah or because of his success in decreasing the numbers of Meth houses in Utah.